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carnivore diet snack options

Carnivore Diet Snack Options

Welcome to our guide on carnivore diet snack options! Embracing the carnivore diet means focusing on meat-based foods, which often raises the question: what about snacks? Snacks play a crucial role in maintaining consistency...

is liver good for you

Is Liver Good for You?

Liver, often hailed as nature's multi-vitamin, is indeed a nutritional powerhouse and many wellness influencers champion it as a miraculous addition to the diet. It's an especially popular recommendation for those on a carnivore...

dangers of solanine

The Dangers of Solanine

As we delve into the world of the carnivore diet, a frequent question from those embarking on this journey is why plants are omitted. The answer lies in understanding plant anti-nutrients, such as solanine,...

whats an egg fast

What’s an Egg Fast?

Welcome to our guide on understanding the nuances of an egg fast, especially in the context of the carnivore diet. An egg fast, a concept that sparks curiosity in many health enthusiasts, is often...

what is the lion diet

What Is the Lion Diet?

As World Carnivore Month concluded in January, many individuals find themselves embarking on their carnivore diet journeys, with some needing to start with the lion diet. This highly specialized diet, often seen as an...

how to do a 72 hour fast

How to Do a 72 Hour Fast

Embarking on a journey towards improved health often involves exploring various nutritional strategies. One such strategy that pairs exceptionally well with the carnivore diet is the practice of extended fasting, particularly a 72-hour fast....