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Zinc and ADHD

Zinc and ADHD

Original Publish Date: 4/9/22   When I became a nutritional therapist, I wanted to work with children. But I realized I needed to work with parents to help things trickle down to the children.   My heart is always...



Original Publish Date: 10/16/21   I come across and read many studies in a week. I share some insight in my posts or podcasts in passing, but in general, I share mostly with the clients I meet...

The Spoon Theory and Chronic Illness

Original Publish Date: 9/24/22   I've been partnering with many CIRS providers to help marry the carnivore diet and CIRS communities. Many chronic illness carnivores suffer from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and wrongly focus on perfecting their...

colonoscopy health risks

The Truth About Colonoscopies

Original Publish Date: 10/22/22   I always focus on gut health and many of my clients undergo colonoscopies. I only recommend colonoscopies when we find occult blood in their stool test results. After researching colonoscopies, I don’t...

emf health concerns

Are EMFs a Concern?

Original Publish Date: 2/12/23   In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified EMFs as a possible carcinogen. A 2018 study revealed the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 5G. The study showed that EMFs cause everything from...