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carnivore diet study

New Published Animal-Based Diet Study

Original Publish Date: 7/1/23   Our community's very own hospital dietician turned animal-based advocate, released a case study sharing the healing powers of an animal-based keto diet for anorexia nervosa.   Michelle and the team have spent a lot...

interpreting thyroid labs

Interpreting Thyroid Labs

Original Publish Date: 5/20/23   In the functional medicine space, we use more stringent labs for optimal health. We consider standard ranges subpar as it's the average of the many, and unfortunately, the many are now seemingly...

truth about our medical system

The Truth About Our Medical System

Original Publish Date: 6/4/22   Physician Payments Sunshine Act and Open Payments In 2010, the U.S. government passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Section 6002 of the ACA, commonly referred to as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA)...

uric acid fructose carnivore diet

Uric Acid and Fructose

Original Publish Date: 2/5/22   This week I started the discussion of uric acid and how it affects the meat-based community.    The conversation is very nuanced and there are several discussions coming up. Dr. David Perlmutter did a great...

why statins dont work

Why Statins Don’t Work

Original Publish Date: 5/28/22   An Analysis of Statin Studies Statins are a billion-dollar industry. If you're LDL is higher than 99 mg/dL, your standard care doctor will likely recommend a statin.    Statins are taken by over 35 million...