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Original Publish Date: 10/16/21


I come across and read many studies in a week. I share some insight in my posts or podcasts in passing, but in general, I share mostly with the clients I meet that week. 


Now there are benefits and dangers of studies. I have a section in Carnivore Cure about how people can misinterpret or already have an end in mind when making (and even sharing) studies. 


Remember, studies are made by humans. There will always be some element of confirmation bias, user bias, statistical sampling issues, and more. I see this a lot. 


Lately, some people use studies to endorse every which way they swing.


The way I’ll be sharing studies is focused on helping you find levers and possible reasons for root cause imbalances.  


Choline Study

Adding a section to my newsletter called Study of the Week will help me to share this info with you. You can skip this if you’re not big into new evidence-based studies but if you are, make sure to read this section.


For this week, one study showed that acetylcholine deficiency (acetyl is the version that can enter the brain) can be a reason for less-than-ideal sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can try two egg yolks with a little bit of fat and salt with dinner. See if it helps you sleep better. If it doesn’t, then try it before bed.


Interestingly, if you struggle with decreased uptake of the acetylcholine transporter, you might struggle with choline absorption in the rest of the body. This becomes an issue if you eat a high-fat diet as you need choline for optimal bile production. Choline assists with fat digestion and supports healing fatty liver imbalances. 


So if you struggle with sleep, try some choline. If you’ve already tried ox bilelipase, and other digestive enzymes, yet loose stools persist, try some choline.


Sometimes the amount in eggs won’t be enough. You can try a supplement until you get the bile to flow better.  


If your loose stools are still not improving, it may be time to do a stool test to get to deeper issues than dietary transitions and bile imbalances. 


When we use studies in ways to support us rather than fearmongering, it can be pretty powerful.


Please make sure to share this with anyone who needs this information.


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