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Debunking Mistruths

carnivore diet low thyroid

The Carnivore Diet and Low Thyroid

Thyroid hormones play a crucial role in managing the body's metabolic speed, which is why they have become a primary point of discussion among some mainstream wellness influencers and figures regarding nutritional ketosis.    It's well-documented...

is pork red meat

Is Pork Red Meat?

As we step into January, the month celebrated as World Carnivore Month, it's a fitting time to delve into the carnivore diet, a pathway chosen by many to reclaim their health and manage chronic...

did jesus eat meat

Did Jesus Eat Meat?

Our practice has always specialized in root-cause healing. The search and success for root-cause healing is all-encompassing, requiring a deep analysis of all things mind and body. Since we work with the sickest of...

seven fiber myths

Seven Fiber Myths

We’ve been told that fiber is essential for optimal wellness. With a laundry list of benefits including better gut health, blood sugar stabilization, weight loss, colon cancer protection, and more, fiber is recommended for...