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Debunking Mistruths

colonoscopy health risks

The Truth About Colonoscopies

Original Publish Date: 10/22/22   I always focus on gut health and many of my clients undergo colonoscopies. I only recommend colonoscopies when we find occult blood in their stool test results. After researching colonoscopies, I don’t...

emf health concerns

Are EMFs a Concern?

Original Publish Date: 2/12/23   In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified EMFs as a possible carcinogen. A 2018 study revealed the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 5G. The study showed that EMFs cause everything from...

fructose studies

Understanding Fructose Concerns

Original Publish Date: 2/19/22   This week, I was sent several fructose studies that other pro-fructose advocates in the space have shared. One discussion paper is very long and I'd like to break it down in a longer article...

fda approves gmo cattle

FDA Approves GMO Cattle

Original Publish Date: 3/26/22   I shared about this a couple of years ago (with salmon) but it's unfortunately become true with cattle (and pork).    Here are the highlights:    The FDA has determined that meat from cattle bioengineered to have...

Omega-3s and MMP-9

Original Publish Date: 12/10/22   I won't go into PUFAs and the safety of the oils, as I've already discussed it in length in the PUFA article.  I've found clinically that many clients with very dry skin, peeling...