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seven fiber myths

Seven Fiber Myths

We’ve been told that fiber is essential for optimal wellness. With a laundry list of benefits including better gut health, blood sugar stabilization, weight loss, colon cancer protection, and more, fiber is recommended for...

how to get rid of allergies

How to Get Rid of Allergies

It’s so common to have allergies these days that no one bats an eye when they hear about environmental, food, or chemical allergies. The alarming thing is that allergies are actually a modern-day disease...

colonoscopy health risks

The Truth About Colonoscopies

Original Publish Date: 10/22/22   I always focus on gut health and many of my clients undergo colonoscopies. I only recommend colonoscopies when we find occult blood in their stool test results. After researching colonoscopies, I don’t...

bowel movements 101

Bowel Movements 101

Original Publish Date: 3/28/21   Many of us know that we don't have as bulky stools on a carnivore diet but have you wondered what is normal?   I like to see my clients go at least every day...

Microblog: Raw vs Cooked Meats

Some people like eat raw. That’s fine as long as you don’t get sick. 🎙On CATG episode 72, we talked about raw vs. cooked meat. And we talked these facts: 🥩In 1906, polar explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson found...