Evidence-Based, Simplified Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies


Our Approach

The best plan is one that’s personalized for you.

Nutrition with Judy offers two personalized support options based on your unique needs. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Symptom Burden Assessment Personalized Health Report


Perfect for the self-starters who need guidance without the accountability of a nutritional therapy session.

3-Month Wellness Package with Symptom Burden Assessment Personalized Health Report


Work 1-on-1 with a carnivore diet-based nutritional therapist for 3 months to address your personalized health needs.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) Testing and Support


If you have been on a whole foods diet and still not getting well, you may want to consider CIRS testing—an illness that 1 in 4 people are unknowingly suffering from today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Barbara W.


“And most importantly she directed me to the root cause of my illness and didn’t just treat the symptoms and put a band-aid on what I was feeling. Instead, we’re actually treating the underlying illness so that I’m actually getting better.”

Bryan J.


“I was in terrible shape. I tried just about every diet there was out there and I just couldn’t find the right answer until I found Judy.”

Kelly F.


“Judy helped me find the root causes and worked with me to create a customized treatment plan for healing. As a result, I’ve been making great progress on my journey towards health and I’ve done it with Judy’s guidance and support.”

Sarah F.

New York

“She’s so positive and really wants everyone to achieve that root-cause healing. I then had answers that I needed to move forward and really help my body feel the best it can on carnivore.”

Corrie R.

North Carolina

“I am coming leaps and bounds and I could not thank her enough for all the support, research and continued information that she continues to give me.”

Wesley T.


“Without all of her support and dedication I have no idea if I would have been able to make this diet work for me, even though I clearly needed it the most.”

Barbara W.


“And most importantly she directed me to the root cause of my illness and didn’t just treat the symptoms and put a band-aid on what I was feeling. Instead, we’re actually treating the underlying illness so that I’m actually getting better.”

Bryan J.


“I was in terrible shape. I tried just about every diet there was out there and I just couldn’t find the right answer until I found Judy.”

Kelly F.


“Judy helped me find the root causes and worked with me to create a customized treatment plan for healing. As a result, I’ve been making great progress on my journey towards health and I’ve done it with Judy’s guidance and support.”

Sarah F.

New York

“She’s so positive and really wants everyone to achieve that root-cause healing. I then had answers that I needed to move forward and really help my body feel the best it can on carnivore.”

Corrie R.

North Carolina

“I am coming leaps and bounds and I could not thank her enough for all the support, research and continued information that she continues to give me.”

Wesley T.


“Without all of her support and dedication I have no idea if I would have been able to make this diet work for me, even though I clearly needed it the most.”

Finding Root-Cause Healing

We often get asked, “I’m suffering from [insert illness]. Can the carnivore diet fix me?”


Our answer almost always is, it depends. A lot of it depends on your commitment and your belief in healing. We don’t care how long you’ve been on a healing journey. If you are truly ready to heal and put in the work, root-cause healing is always possible.


We will support you through the journey.


And with the NwJ team, the journey almost always starts with the Symptom Burden Assessment (SBA). We won’t know where to lead you if we don’t know where you are. 

How it Works

Take the Assessment

The comprehensive online assessment gathers medical history as well as current symptoms to help better understand your personal needs.

Detailed NwJ Analysis

We’ll review and assess your responses to create a custom report tailored for your specific needs, while providing tools for self-advocacy.

Turn Insights Into Action

Personalized recommendations addressing your primary health concerns and desired health outcomes. Use our Goals section to start implementing your action plan.

Receive Ongoing Support

Meet with your animal-based nutritionist for support and accountability. Track progress, address ongoing health needs, and fine-tune your health goals.

The Nutrition with Judy Difference

Animal-Based Carnivore Diet Expertise

The Nutrition with Judy team has worked individually with hundreds of animal-based carnivores. By coupling animal-based nutritional therapy sessions and thousands of hours of clinical experience and client interaction, the Nutrition with Judy team brings specialized carnivore diet knowledge and expertise to help you obtain your goals.

Carnivore Expert and Best-Selling Author

Judy Cho started healing with a meat-only elimination diet in 2017. Judy continues to eat animal-based and is an expert on the carnivore diet, and the author of the best-selling book, Carnivore Cure. Judy gains mastery from thousands of hours of evidence-based research and case study reviews, as well as from her diligent meat-based clients.

Living by Example

Judy and the Nutrition with Judy team are meat-based Carnivores. They never ask their clients to do things they cannot do themselves. The team is living, breathing, and now advocating the healing journey of a carnivore diet. The Nutrition with Judy team leads with the heart first and is always backed by clinical experience and evidence-based research.

Leading with Compassion

The Nutrition with Judy nutritional therapists treat clients like family. They advocate for their clients to get to root-cause healing and they do not believe in band-aid solutions for the long term. Instead, the Nutrition with Judy team advocates for their clients to fight for more. The team believes every single person deserves the right to live pain and chronic illness-free.

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More About Working With Us

Partnering with our clients, we work to create individualized nutrition and wellness plans.

With our expert guidance and recommended personalized tools, our clients are one step closer to healing from chronic illness.

What are the next steps once I sign up?

You will receive an email within two business days of purchase. You will receive instructions on how and where to fill out the Symptom Burden Assessment and questionnaires. Once we receive your completed forms, we will review and provide you with your personalized report within five business days.


If you signed up for the 1-on-1 sessions, we require a review of our disclaimer form before the nutritional therapy session. We will then provide you with instructions on how to schedule your nutritionist sessions.

What do I need to do before I can have my first session?

You will be responsible for completing the Symptom Burden Assessment and questionnaires. Completing these forms is pivotal in helping us build a baseline for your personalized care. Once completed and returned, we will analyze and prepare your report before scheduling your session.


Reviewing your results before having your 1-on-1 session is highly advised. Making the most of your time will be advantageous for your success.

What happens at my first session?

Our clients are most successful when they read the personalized symptom burden results beforehand. With the review, most clients come prepared with pointed questions to help them with their goal plan. We will then do a deep dive into the specifics of your results and answer any questions you may have.


Once the session is complete, we will send session notes and goals agreed upon that we will focus on during the following session.

Am I able to have my session virtually?

Yes, all of our sessions are held virtually, and you’re not required to travel to meet with us. Since COVID-19, we are no longer meeting any local clients in central Texas.

Don't you need my bloodwork to have a health baseline?

Bloodwork is always a good measure to monitor. But it’s not the only tool. One flaw of bloodwork is that it’s a snapshot in time. Additionally, for example, most minerals are best monitored with hair minerals or intracellular blood tests. Covering all your bases would cost a lot of (unnecessary) money.


Our bodies have innate wisdom, and we can tap into our symptoms to start finding clues to root-cause issues.

What testing does Nutrition with Judy offer?

We offer a range of a la carte testing, including gut microbiome analysis, urine tests, hair mineral tests, micronutrient testing, health markers, heavy metals, mold illness (CIRS), and environmental toxins.


Our nutritionists will work with you to determine which tests are recommended based on your symptoms and individualized health goals. We try to minimize testing to minimize costs but there are times we may need to do additional testing.


The Nutrition with Judy team has access to most bloodwork, labs, and functional tests. Nutrition with Judy also partners with MDs, NDs, DOs, and many other medical professionals to provide holistic support.

What is not included in the plans?
  • Supplements: Our dietary recommendations often include supplements to bandaid some gaps initially. Clients usually take gut healing supports, minerals, fatty acid supports, or other supplements targeted for their needs. While we recommend practitioner-access products created in small batches, we understand this can get costly. If you find a similar product, we are supplement-agnostic.
  • Lab Tests: Sometimes, we recommend additional testing to give us more clues into root cause imbalances. For example, if we have a client that cannot lose weight on the carnivore diet but has considerable weight to lose, we may check their A1C, insulin, and c-peptide blood markers. Another example is if a client has taken all the common gut healing supports and still has severe gut issues, we may recommend a stool test.
How long does it take to heal?

It depends on each person. We generally recommend committing to a 6-month journey with us. Accountability goes a long way in healing.

Do you accept clients of all ages?

Yes. We’ve worked with pregnant mothers, babies of four months, and clients older than 80. Our clients are about 65% female and 35% male; most fall in their 20s-70s.

Do you work with non-US clients?

Yes, we have worked with clients globally.


While we work with clients in the following countries, they have had difficulty finding supplements. We partner with a provider that offers US supplements in the United Kingdom, and most European countries find supplements that way. We also provide the ingredients of our support, so if you find something similar in your country, that will work as well.

  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • South Africa
Does Nutrition with Judy accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance, your provider may reimburse you. We can provide out-of-network insurance invoices for our nutritional therapy sessions and bloodwork. We advise you to consult your provider to see if our services qualify. Bloodwork almost always qualifies.

Can I use my FSA or HSA card for payments?

We accept cards with the Visa and Mastercard logo. Some FSA and HAS programs have accepted our out-of-network invoice for reimbursement. It is up to your provider to determine if our services are eligible. We advise that you consult with them to see if our services qualify.

Will I be able to work with Judy?

You will work with one of our nutritionists who have personally been trained by Judy herself. Judy also works closely with her nutritionists to ensure all clients get the same level of care and reviews every client case. Judy does work with individual clients, but it’s on a case-by-case basis.

How does the Symptom Burden Assessment find these symptoms?

Functionally Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are trained to use a combination of professional tools to assess each client’s unique needs. One of the most powerful tools used in this process is the Symptom Burden Assessment, which focuses on a detailed nutritional assessment and questions specific to bodily systems. The standardized symptom burden questionnaire enables us to analyze a client’s symptoms to identify their dietary needs and prioritize what areas of the body to support. This data with your medical history empowers us to develop tailored, bioindividual plans that help clients advance on their personalized path to optimal health and wellness.


Additionally, after working with thousands of carnivore clients and patients, we can help troubleshoot common root-cause issues for chronic illness. Our practitioner team assesses imbalances and deficiencies within the body and addresses the following questions for each client. Is there a functional deficiency? What particular nutrient will work for that client? When is the client sufficient? When should we consider the environment? These questions enable the practitioner to create personalized, bioindividual recommendations that are uniquely tailored for each client.


Our team carefully reviews your top health concerns and marries them with your symptom burden results. This allows us to assess the imbalances and identify potential root causes behind the symptoms.

Will there be plenty of places for me to share and write answers about my history?

Yes, we welcome your medical history. While there may be additional fees to review past tests in detail, we review history as it’s critical to identify root-cause imbalances.

How often should you retake the Symptom Burden Assessment?

Ideally, the retest should be taken every 3 months or when symptoms are noticeably different. Additionally, if you want to taper off supplements, it is a good time to perform the retest, so we can help identify what your body does and does not need.

Will I have to take supplements if I work with the NwJ team?

We often recommend temporary “bandaid” supplements after we review the symptom burden results, but they are not required. Many of our clients and patients can only tolerate one or two supports. We work with the client to meet them where they are.


While many supplements can expedite healing and nutritional deficiencies, we will try to find ways to go without supplements. As an example, we can recommend clients take liver and gallbladder supplements. Some clients will opt out of oral supplements; in that case, we may recommend a castor oil pack.

Do I need to be willing to be 100% carnivore to work with the NwJ team?

No. We believe in bioindividuality and will meet the client where they are. We do not feel that being strict carnivore is the only path to healing.


We do not work with anyone unwilling to eat animal-based foods. We firmly know that including animal-based foods is required for optimal health.

Can I work with you if I don't want to address CIRS ?

Yes. We believe in meeting our clients where they are. Not everyone can do or afford CIRS treatment. We will try to find ways to best support you.

Do I need to use the Food and Mood Journal or do I need to track?

Nothing is required. But we highly advise using a food and mood journal or at least our NwJ’s symptom tracker. While some clients are triggered or overwhelmed by tracking food and water, we can use other NwJ tools to track progress. We believe you can’t track what you don’t measure.


Our team is here to support you in ways to help you feel comfortable through the healing journey.

I still have questions.

You can reach us at help@nutritionwithjudy.com. We can help answer any questions you may have so you are confident in your decision to work with the Nutrition with Judy team.

More Client Testimonials

I cannot speak more highly of her!! Judy Cho is an incredible resource. Not only is she knowledgable, sensitive, smart, and insightful, she also has full empathy for her clients because she’s been there. I came to work with her after 40+ years of disordered eating and she is the first person I’ve worked with who truly “gets it”, both from the physical and tactical sides of things AND the emotional side. She leads by example and her journey of healing motivated and inspired me to adopt the Carnivore diet to help heal my gut, my overall health, and my relationship with food and my body. She gave me 200% of herself and her follow up notes and instructions were full of precious details related to our session combined with positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy AND nutritional wisdom. I cannot speak more highly of her!!

Julie M. in New York

Judy is a breath of fresh air. Judy is a breath of fresh air in the “meat-based diet” space. Most carnivores think meat based fixes everything and while it is fantastic some can still have digestive / health challenges which go beyond just transitioning or salt intake. She is smart enough to realize this and is a great filter of information collaborating with other like-minded folks such as Elliot Overton and Dr. Robert Cywes . This is why I think her symptom based assessment and recommended protocols are a great place to start troubleshooting issues.

Joe L. in Massachusetts

Went above and beyond expectations. Judy has been incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, and persistent in helping me overcome long-term digestion and other problems. She was very generous with her time and went above and beyond expectations to problem solve and collaborate closely on issues I was having, not giving canned responses or band-aids, but digging deep into underlying root causes. I would recommend Judy to anyone struggling with nutritional or other health issues as a first place to look for help.

Scott M. in Massachusetts

Emily J. in Texas

This was the most thorough health questionnaire I have ever taken! I have been trying to figure out my root cause for several years, working with other doctors and taking blood tests to find out my root cause with no avail. Judy and team found my root cause immediately after taking the SBA! I can’t rave about this enough. What a relief to FINALLY have the answers!

Olivia D. in Arizona

The Symptom Burden Assessments provided a detailed analysis of a complex and huge amount of data about my health that helped Judy indicate the ROOT CAUSE of all my symptoms. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a provider like Judy, who has the meticulous patience and the necessary knowledge to analyze such a big amount of data and provide a treatment plan that actually works.

Chase T. in North Carolina

I had been searching for the root cause of my symptoms for years before I found NWJ’s Symptom Burden Assessment. Having been brushed off by several doctors who only prescribed pills and told me to “eat less and move more”, I was desperate for actual answers. The Symptom Burden Assessment gave me detailed insights into my health that I had never seen before and put me on the path to real healing. The results were tailored specifically to my needs, with invaluable notes from Judy herself. For the first time in my health journey, I felt seen.

Carol M. in Pennsylvania

I sought Judy’s help for digestive issues and took the Symptom Burden Assessment. What an incredible tool it is! Judy’s analysis was very comprehensive and revealed not only the root of the digestive problems but the root of several other issues I’ve been dealing with and just chalking up to aging. Thanks to the SBA and Judy’s expert knowledge and kind, compassionate help I am on the rode to healing. I highly recommend the SBA and Judy’s services.

Lucas D. in Arizona

After 20 years of battling various diseases including diabetes and arthritis, and countless doctor visits in Europe, and US, I kind of lost hope. Every couple of years I would have an arthritis flare, I was bed ridden, and couldn’t walk. Fortunately, I completed the assessment, and Judy found the root cause of all my health issues. I am on the right path now and the treatment works, while I am following the right diet at the same time. I could have save lots of money, energy, and suffering, but I didn’t know about Judy at that time.

Rakesh J. in California

I have been on carnivore diet for about a year however I was having a lot of issues and my healing process was slow. I couldn’t eat foods with histamine and any minor change in my diet would make me sick. Heather was able to give a detailed explanation and was able to prescribe the right medications to fasten my healing process. Judy has been very helpful with the follow up questions I had after receiving the my analysis report. It’s been a month since I got on the protocol and I’m glad to say that my body can now tolerate foods that couldn’t consume before!

Linly C. in Texas

Judy, it was such a pleasure to meet you. I love how hard you work to help people heal. That is hard to find these days! So many doctors just shuffle their clients through. I am grateful you have taken time to listen, dig, and help!

Catie I. in British Columbia

Judy was very thorough and helped me get to root cause healing that I wouldn’t have been able to figure out otherwise. She answered all my questions and offered above and beyond what I needed.

Alex D. in Arizona

I struggled for many years to loose weight, even though I did a lot of fasting and exercise. Judy figured out what was the underlying cause of my health issues.

Amanda K. in Texas

Caitlin was very kind and thorough. I was grateful to have her walk with me through the few weeks I was a customer

Rex T. in Massachusetts

The carnivore/meat-based diet works, but sometimes you need some help. When I took the SBA, I was sleeping 2 hours a night and struggling with extreme eczema (chronic itchiness, sloughing off large flakes of skin, open sores which made showering painful, fiery inflammation). I had been on my own makeshift carnivore diet for several months without seeing health improvements, but in just the few DAYS following my first session with Caitlin running through my SBA, sleep dramatically improved. Within a few weeks, my skin started to heal. Now about two months in, my sleep has completely normalized and my skin is well on its way to full recovery: sores have healed, dry patches are becoming smoother, discoloration is fading, inflammation is almost nonexistent. The SBA is helpful on its own; it is comprehensive and generates lots of data points to start a healing journey. But the SBA with the help of the NwJ team is, in my experience, transformative. With the NwJ team focused on evaluating data, I was able to focus purely on execution and consistency. And with Caitlin readily available and responsive by email, I never felt lost at sea but always supported and coached along the way. With many friends and loved ones generally suspicious about the carnivore diet, the support was indispensable.

Kaitlyn L. in Washington

Her mission is to find root cause healing. Judy Cho is a bright light shining in the darkness. She looks beyond what typical doctors see. Her mission is to find root cause healing. Her inquisitive nature and willingness to push the norms is a great benefit to all who are struggling and have been let down by modern medicine. I have struggled with food intolerance, gut pain, illnesses (mono, strep throat leading to a tonsillectomy, shingles) and a myriad of other symptoms since I was 14. I’m currently 34. Over the years, visits with General Practitioners, Specialists and Naturopaths left me with frustration and more questions than answers. My health continued to deteriorate. In Nov ’20 I began following the protocols outlined in Judy’s book Carnivore Cure. My health has improved in leaps and bounds with a meat-based diet and supplements recommended by Judy. The depth of Judy’s knowledge and ability to look beyond the borders of traditional medicine has truly saved my health and mental well-being. After 20 years of struggling, I am FINALLY healing. Words seem to fall short in expressing my gratitude and appreciation for her work and dedication. It is such a blessing to have Judy as part of my support network. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Judy, for everything you do!

Rosanne M. in New York

I have been receiving advice from Caitlin for a few months now and have steadily been improving. I’m over 65 and have been dealing with severe constipation, hot flashes, sleep issues and fatigue. I have been a strict carnivore for 10 months with absolutely no cheating. I recently listened to Judy’s interview with Dr. Elizabeth Bright and significantly increased my fat intake and the hot flashes have completely gone away so I am not sleeping through the night. We are still working on the constipation issue and I’m hopeful that it will soon get resolved. I have also recently been diagnosed with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) thanks to additional testing recommended by Caitlin and that could be contributing to my ongoing problem. Overall I’m very satisfied with the approach to root cause healing and Caitlin’s excellent advice.

Hannah W. in Arizona

I have met with many health practitioners for more than a decade. Get tested, review results, make a protocol, reassessment. I expected this same treatment with Judy and her team, but I was wrong. Shortly after I submitted my test Judy responded with pages and pages of hand typed information. She had to have spent hours looking through my tests to analyze it and make comments. Next her consultation went through line by line with me my results. I had graphics, numbers, highlighted areas to focus on. We met for over an hour! I was given a new protocol and was able to start it immediately. When I hit a rough patch with taking a new supplement, I felt sick on it, I was able yo get a response the same day how to adjust my dosage with no extra appointment cost. The information and care that was provided was beyond my expectations. I have learned so much about my hormones and health from this and have since made a positive change finally in how I feel.

Victoria P. in New York

I have been a struggling vegan that transitioned to carnivore 4 months prior to working with NWJ. I have listened to her podcast always knew I needed extra support, I had turned to multiple failed other carnivore recourses. Working with NJW has been an investment, but I am FINALLY healing my gut thanks to the Symptom Burden Assessment and working with her trained staff Caitlin on a monthly basis to work on pain points I am still having based on the result of my SBA. I would have quit months ago because I wasn’t seeing improvements in my health and stomach issues but thanks to Caitlin and Judy I am finally achieving true gut healing and I am so thankful I decided to invest in my health.

Sarah R. in Iowa

The Symtom Burden Assessment had very thorough questions and after completing it I got the results in a quick time frame. I then met with Healther and Judy and found them both to be so warm and friendly. I felt cared for. Judy discovered a key piece of information that I didn’t yet know about. She suggested further testing to confirm her thoughts and she was absolutely on point. Although there has been some hardships in these new findings, above all they have been such a huge blessing to find because it gives me the chance at root healing. I’m so grateful to Judy and Heather for their kindness and knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend The Symptom Burden Assessment, Judy and her team.

Katie M. in Pennsylvania

She has helped me heal my body, mind and spirit. Judy Cho is not just an NTP. She is an inspirer, a motivator, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and not to mention professional. As someone who has been treated in the functional medicine/holistic health sphere for over two years now, I highly doubt one would even find functional medicine MDs as competent as she is. I trust Judy with my life, which she has saved on multiple occasions and levels. She has helped me heal my body, mind and spirit. Before I started seeing Judy, I was struggling with a very broken/dysbiotic gut and resulting hormonal imbalances and general body dysfunction. And at the time, I had even been intensively working with a very experienced functional medicine MD for over a year, but I was still feeling very much less than optimal physically and discouraged emotionally. Within a month of working with Judy, I made vast improvements in my digestion and the way I went about my keto/carnivore diet. I continue to experience and achieve new levels of optimal health and healing with Judy’s expertise and guidance. She just gets it: no dogma. She goes above and beyond and asks hard, unpopular questions to get to the truth regarding nutrition and what is actually healthy. I could not have asked for a better provider, am so honored and privileged to be her client and recommend her to everyone who is serious about seeking optimal health and healing.

Jackie W. in Indiana

ALL of my symptoms are gone! In the fall of 2019, I started dealing with serious digestive issues, which became worse in the months that followed. I could not eat anything without having serious bloating, gas, and severe abdominal pain. Even after eating just a few bites, I felt so full that I had terrible discomfort, as well as experiencing terrible abdominal pain. I was brought to tears many times. I also felt constantly sick on my stomach, and I could not sleep, because of the pain and terrible bloating. I went to my family doctor who felt I had all the symptoms of Sclerosing Mesenteritis, a rare digestive disease. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist, who ordered several tests. Nothing conclusive was discovered, but more testing was recommended. After dealing with this for about 4 months, I heard about Judy, from a friend. I completed a long questionnaire, and then had a consultation with Judy over the phone. She was so kind and helpful, and she gave me hope. I started taking the supplements that she recommended, along with following her dietary advice. I saw significant improvement within a month, and my symptoms continued to gradually improve. Now, almost 4 months later, ALL of my symptoms are gone! I can eat a full meal, a variety of foods, and I am sleeping like a baby! I am very thankful for Judy and her knowledge to help me heal my gut. God certainly used her to help heal my body!

Susanne S., MD in New York

I highly recommend Judy for her nutritional expertise. I was drawn to Judy because of her meticulous research, flexibility in approaching the subject of nutrition with an open mind, and her emphasis on the importance of eating meat. As a physician with several thousand patients through 30 years of private practice, I know that when it comes to food, one size does not fit all. However, I have continually observed how many people, especially young women, will avoid eating animal foods for philosophical or ethical reasons. Having been a vegetarian myself once many years ago, I understand this. But I have learned in practice that our bodies do not always care what our personal philosophies are. Many young women will eschew animal foods to their own detriment. This often manifests in complaints of fatigue, anemia- often from iron deficiency-, B12 deficiencies, “air hunger,” etc. Taking iron and Vitamin B12 supplements will help- but for many, it cannot compare with all the nutrient benefits of eating meat, especially red meat. Judy discusses this thoroughly in her excellent book Carnivore Cure. The importance of good quality protein does not end with menopause (when women’s need for iron may be less due to the cessation of the menses). Sarcopenia- the loss of muscle mass and strength- is an unfortunate part of the aging process. It is very important for post-menopausal women to eat enough quality protein to build and maintain muscle. The whole field of longevity medicine- aging with a minimum amount of disease and disability so that we can still do the activities of daily living in our last decade of life- points to the importance of resistance exercise (weight training) and eating sufficient quality protein. Although I do not personally adhere to a meat-only diet, I am increasingly concerned by the emphasis placed on plant-only diets these days. While young adults may be able to handle this type of eating for a number of years, I find it becomes more of a problem as people age and especially a problem for women as they enter menopause for some of the reasons I stated above. I highly recommend Judy for her nutritional expertise when it comes to the value of eating animal foods as part of a healthy diet.

Elissa M. in New York

I was working with my chiropractor who does nutrition for years but felt I was at a standstill. I listened to many people about the carnivore diet which I was on for almost 4 years now but needed some guidance about these continued symptoms. Of all the people I tuned into I found Judy Cho to be very informative. I liked her interviews and the questions she asked her guests. She also seemed to be more humble than many others and more personable, more passionate not to mention very knowledgeable. So I tried the symptom burden assessment test. I found the questions were so very specific, which I liked. It really pointed out symptoms that are rarely acknowledged. So these were GOOD questions and the results back were targeted to the problems. This was so helpful and hopeful. Judy was very accommodating with the email correspondence and got back to me very quickly. I have learned so much about gut health from just dealing with Judy. I am on the supplements she suggested and made some adjustments to them as I went along with Judy’s guidance. They are key for me in getting better, ordering the supplements always goes smooth with emails keeping you posted as to the order. I find this so considerate and professional. Judy is very open to changing things up, she is not a one trick pony and that is so needed when dealing with diet, the gut, nutrition and the ever changing aging bodies we have. She gets it. I would recommend her to anyone with gut issues. The only downside to Judy for me is that she lives in Texas and I live in New York. Thanks Judy and. Blessings to you and your staff.