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Carnivore Diet

Why I Should Try Carnivore - Healing a Sick Body

Microblog: Why Carnivore?

As World Carnivore Month comes to an end, here are some of the healing benefits of a carnivore diet. Most people experience some of these benefits within the first 30 days.🚥For some, they heal...

Microblog: Happy 2021 Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.Researchers wanted to see if daily feelings of gratitude could be a buffer against the negative consequences of CVID-19.📖This study asked participants to complete an online daily questionnaire which included questions about their...

Microblog: About the Carnivore Diet – Hypothyroid

Just some truths.⛑Truths will always win over sensationalism. Just give it time.And I'll always be consistently sharing my advocacy for meat.🥩LEARN MORE HERE:PMID: 28076316PMID: 8498602PMID: 20739380PMID: 23902316Diabetes Council:https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/the-relationship-between-diabetes-and-thyroid-disorder/--📬If you haven't signed up for my...