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The Power of a CGM

[ez-toc]   Lately Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) have become so popular. But before we get into CGMs, we need to understand what these monitors are even measuring and why we should even care.   Blood Sugar, Insulin and...

Microblog: About the Carnivore Diet – Hypothyroid

Just some truths.⛑Truths will always win over sensationalism. Just give it time.And I'll always be consistently sharing my advocacy for meat.🥩LEARN MORE HERE:PMID: 28076316PMID: 8498602PMID: 20739380PMID: 23902316Diabetes Council:https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/the-relationship-between-diabetes-and-thyroid-disorder/--📬If you haven't signed up for my...