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Microblog: We Live in a World…

Microblog: We Live in a World…

These things are never easy to talk about.

I understand the reasoning behind why raw milk is banned and why having safe places for heroin would even be an option.

⚠️But understanding the logic behind something doesn’t mean it’s rational or the best decision.

❓How are we allowing our children to gain excess weight during a pandemic, especially when we’re terrified of it?

❓How are we allowing our children to gain weight with a virus that has far worse outcomes with weight gain and obesity?

❓Are we being taught to eat the wrong things?

❓Or are we missing the mark by doing all the “easy” things for pandemic protection but not focusing on the root cause issues that we can reverse?

💡In the last 2 years, we could have reversed most diabetes type II with a meat-based diet, even better manage type I with a meat-based diet or with a smart allocation of carbs.

💡We could have reversed most obesity with a meat-based diet.

These illnesses can be preventable and reversible with diet.
🥩Type II Diabetes
🥩Insulin Resistance (Hyperinsulinemia)
🥩High Blood Pressure
🥩Mental Illness
🥩Gut Disease

❓Why aren’t we using dietary education to combat this pandemic? No, eating less saturated fats and using more canola oil is NOT dietary education.

🥀We are having our children fight a losing battle.

🚫Goldfish, Mac & Cheese, PB&J sandwiches and Honest Juice boxes are not healthy foods. They should be rare treats for our children.

🤕Maybe we would’ve never needed the heroin if we had proper mental health from nutrient-dense foods for our bodies.

❤️‍🩹Maybe instead of band-aiding every situation, it’s time we go back to eating an animal-based diet.

⛑I want my boys to grow up with healthy friends and community. And I will continue to advocate for these things until that day comes.







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