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Understanding Fructose Concerns

Original Publish Date: 2/19/22   This week, I was sent several fructose studies that other pro-fructose advocates in the space have shared. One discussion paper is very long and I'd like to break it down in a longer article...

fda approves gmo cattle

FDA Approves GMO Cattle

Original Publish Date: 3/26/22   I shared about this a couple of years ago (with salmon) but it's unfortunately become true with cattle (and pork).    Here are the highlights:    The FDA has determined that meat from cattle bioengineered to have...

Red Meat and Cardiovascular Disease

Original Publish Date: 12/17/22   A systematic review on "Red and processed meat intakes and cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus: An umbrella systematic review and assessment of causal relations using Bradford Hill’s criteria."   The researchers reviewed...

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New Published Animal-Based Diet Study

Original Publish Date: 7/1/23   Our community's very own hospital dietician turned animal-based advocate, released a case study sharing the healing powers of an animal-based keto diet for anorexia nervosa.   Michelle and the team have spent a lot...

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Uric Acid and Fructose

Original Publish Date: 2/5/22   This week I started the discussion of uric acid and how it affects the meat-based community.    The conversation is very nuanced and there are several discussions coming up. Dr. David Perlmutter did a great...