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bowel movements 101

Bowel Movements 101

Original Publish Date: 3/28/21   Many of us know that we don't have as bulky stools on a carnivore diet but have you wondered what is normal?   I like to see my clients go at least every day...

a1c blood marker test carnivore diet

The A1C Blood Marker Test

Original Publish Date: 10/23/21   This week I am releasing my Community Q&A #5 and one of the questions I received was about hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). Many carnivores that were once on a strict ketogenic diet, tend...

butter health benefits

All About Butter

Original Publish Date: 6/25/22   The Demonization of Butter In 2014, Time Magazine came out with an article that shares how butter isn't bad for you. While the article came out eight years ago, it's still taking a...

pro tips entrepreneur

Pro Tips for Being an Entrepreneur

Original Publish Date: 4/23/23   When I wanted to become a nutritional therapist, I never realized I had to become an entrepreneur. My parents and brother all are successful entrepreneurs in their respective businesses so I guess...