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Microblog: Lessons Learned as a Provider

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We are all different. God intended it to be that way, and that’s what makes humans beautiful.

💡No diet will work for every single person— even if you follow it perfectly. And frankly if you have to do that, something more root-cause is going on.

🩺And every single provider understands this because every single patient challenges status quo. You become flexible when clinical practice doesn’t exactly match studies.

👋🏼As a practitioner you learn to let go of dogma. Otherwise you’ll end up eating humble pie or you’ll never truly help your patients.

Always get to root cause.

But that said, there are diet fundamentals:
🥩Eat mostly fatty meat. The operative word is fatty.
🥓Eat a variety of meat (long-term—not when you’re using meat as a therapeutic tool).
💧Drink sufficient filtered water. Most people are dehydrated. I’ll say it again, most people are dehydrated.
🍣Try to get in some fatty fish.
👵🏼Eat more like your great-great grandparents when seed oils and high fructose corn syrup didn’t exist.

If you’re going to eat plants:
🌱 <10% of diet.
🌱Stick to only real, whole plants.
🌱Ideally steamed and cooked to reduce anti-nutrient load.
🌱Only organic. (Don’t risk it with GMOs).
🌱Limit the high lectin and oxalate varieties.
🍇Treat fruits like nature’s candy. Limited amounts is ideal.

⚠️Limit carbs, especially processed carbs and highly palatable, sugary foods.
⚠️Don’t turn to food for X. Food is for fuel not for emotional reasons. You can really enjoy food when you have true food freedom. It can happen for anyone.
⚠️Limit snacking.
⚠️Don’t obsess about biohacking and perfection. Perfection can lead to further illness. The mind is very powerful.

⛑Take it one meal, one day at a time. And consistency matters more than perfection.

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