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Microblog: Coke vs. Orange Juice – Sugary Drinks

Microblog: Coke vs. Orange Juice – Sugary Drinks

Orange juice is not ideal.

🍊Yes, there are more nutrients in orange juice than in coca-cola, but it does not change the amount of sugar in orange juice.

The fact is that it has more sugar than coca cola.

⚠️In the mornings, when we come out of fasting overnight, if our first swig of liquid is orange juice, it gets absorbed quickly into the liver.

Do this multiple times a day and you can risk fatty liver disease.

🍭If orange juice was the only drink of sugar and sipped throughout the day, sure it’s probably a non-issue. But consider all the other sugary and carby foods we eat throughout the day.

❓It’s no wonder children are becoming obese, type II diabetic, and sick with NAFLD.

📖Last week, I wrote an in-depth article on the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. Did you know that 17% of kids 2-4 years only on the WIC program are obese?

⁉️And more and more children are becoming obese, especially since the pandemic. (a pandemic where obesity makes things much riskier.)

🚨We need to go beyond reducing added sugar. It’s frankly unethical for dietitians and doctors to be recommending juices and all fruits to children that are insulin resistant.


🚫We need to reduce carbohydrates and sugars, period. It’s an effective tool to stop illness.

🚫Orange juice for a 2-year-old is less than ideal. The liver isn’t even fully developed at the age of 2 years old.

(It takes 2+ years to have the normal expression of signaling pathways such as ones for JAG1 genes, amino acid transport, and insulin growth factors.)

So yes, orange juice is less than ideal for 2-year-olds.

⚠️And if it’s not okay for a young child, it’s probably not ideal for anyone to have it consistently.

🍊If you want vitamin c, get it in one orange with the fiber to slow down some of the sugar absorptions.

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  • Sidyeypi
    April 2, 2024 at 5:55 pm

    I want to understand the number in Carbs, Net Carbs, Fiber and Sugars in the illustration photo. I thought Net Carbs is Carbs minus Fiber.

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