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Microblog: Raw vs Cooked Meats

Some people like eat raw.

That’s fine as long as you don’t get sick.

🎙On CATG episode 72, we talked about raw vs. cooked meat. And we talked these facts:

🥩In 1906, polar explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson found that for the Copper Inuit cooked nightly and that meat was always well cooked.

🍳In 1998, Bulgarian scientists did a study to find out how much protein is absorbed from eating raw eggs verses cooked eggs.

🍳The results showed that participants who ate cooked eggs digested 91-94% of the protein.

🥚Participants who ate raw eggs digested about 65% of protein from the eggs.

🌟Just cooking eggs, participants digested an additional 30% more protein from eggs than participants who ate them raw.

📖There was a study in 1987 on Heated vs Raw Protein Digestion.

🔎Researchers tested the degradation of the protein bovine serum albumin by the enzyme trypsin with and without heat.

🌟In cooked samples, digestion by the enzyme trypsin increased 4x compared to that of uncooked samples.

🔥Cooking denatures proteins
🔥Cooking softens connective tissues

Cooking decreases the energy cost of digestion
🔥Cooking reduced the cost of digestion by 12.7%
🔪Grinding reduced the cost of digestion by 12.3%

🔥🔪Cooking and grinding reduced the cost of digestion by 23.4%

🔥Cooking meat makes it more digestable by both reducing the amount of time and energy your body spends on digestion, and increasing the amount of energy you get from meat.

🙋🏻‍♀️Aside from the science, several of my clients that eat mostly raw have been having stomach issues. We found several things:

🧫They have E.Coli bacteria in their stool (even sourcing from grass finished farms)

🦠Some of them also had H.Pylori- could the cost of digestion and eating raw meats tax the gut for the breakdown of proteins?

❓Remember, most autoimmune is from a foreign protein that attacks the body. Could uncooked proteins be a harder stress on a sick body?

⛑Figure out what makes sense for your but raw isn’t always better.

🎙CATG episode Raw vs. Cooked with @lauraespath:

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