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BPC-157: What to Consider Before Trying the Peptide

bpc 157 peptide

BPC-157: What to Consider Before Trying the Peptide

bpc 157 peptide

Original Publish Date: 3/18/23


What Is BPC-157?

Essentially, it’s a synthetic peptide that can possibly do wonders in the areas of:
1. Regeneration (nerve and soft tissue)
2. Gut healing (gut lining, cartilage, tissue healing)



Preliminary Thoughts On BPC-157

  • If you’ve been following a meat-based diet and are certain you don’t have gut imbalances such as H. Pylori, SIBO, or SIFO, but nothing else is helping you support gut imbalances, you might consider BPC-157. (I’d also first consider CIRS and MSH levels for gut health first).  
  • If nothing helps with chronic injury to musculoskeletal injury, you might consider BPC-157.
  • BPC-157 seems to act as a healing catalyst with adjunct supports. (e.g., stem cell treatment).


Potential Risks

  • While studies do show efficacy, most are on rodents. Do the results reflect the same in humans? 
  • While BPC-157 is not a steroid or hormone, are we still playing “God” in a sense, as these are synthetic peptides? Are we causing a shift in the homeostasis of the body? 
  • What is the cost? And do we need this long-term? I’ve heard from some clients that the injection at the site of imbalance works the best (but it gets impractical with the frequent doctor visits.)

Possible Side Effects

  • Kidney and liver toxicity
  • Temperature dysregulation. Feeling hot or cold
  • Unusual hunger and weight gain
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Heart problems such as abnormal rhythms
  • Blood pressure changes (increase or decrease)
  • Anecdotal side effects
  • Anxiety and loss of sleep (Taking in AM and early afternoon helped (having doses around 250-350mg)). 

You have to ultimately consider the pros and cons of your situation.


Some people swear by BPC-157 but I wonder if this “quick fix” will not allow you to find root-cause healing. Are we bypassing any learned lessons by taking “quick” fixes?


Medicine and supports have their place. It really comes down to, “Are you at the end of the rope and want to try something (or anything) to get better?”


If you’ve taken BPC-157, I’m curious to know your experience- let us know in the comments.


In health,


Nutrition with Judy

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