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New Published Animal-Based Diet Study

carnivore diet study

New Published Animal-Based Diet Study

carnivore diet study

Original Publish Date: 7/1/23


Our community’s very own hospital dietician turned animal-based advocate, released a case study sharing the healing powers of an animal-based keto diet for anorexia nervosa.


Michelle and the team have spent a lot of time and energy to get this study published. The paper is groundbreaking because most experts in the eating disorder field would consider an animal-based diet an eating disorder with its food limitations. 


We will release more and more studies that demonstrate Carnivore as a healing therapeutic tool. It requires brave and passionate people like Michelle Hurn. Read the article here.


Recent Headline News

I try not to share too much about news headlines because frankly, everyone does it and it’s just a lot of unnecessary stress. But this week a lot of updates have happened that I want to share and provide resources if you want to learn more.


  • FDA approves Type II diabetic meds for kids. This is beyond upsetting. Type II diabetes is 100% reversible with diet. It’s partially why I shared a reel of my son talking about Di-OH-betes. 
  • FDA approves lab meat. We have seen the 5-year stock slump of Beyond Meat. Just don’t buy it. Maybe it won’t be as simple, but there is no point in worrying about tomorrow when we have enough to worry about today.
  • WHO’s cancer research agency says aspartame sweetener is a possible carcinogen. I try to be real-life with sweeteners, and lots of things are possible carcinogens, but this is just one more reason why diet sodas and sugar-free gums are not ideal (beyond the other reasons of microbiome shifts, possible weight gain, and insulin release.) Note: There is no judgment, I chew sugar-free gums almost weekly.

Meaty Community Resources

Here are a few good meaty resources:


Travis Stratham is a friend that I met at Carnivory Con 2019 and he is also the creator and moderator of the Facebook group, World Carnivore Tribe, with Dr. Baker. He created a historical database of essentially every carnivore doctor of the past 250 years. You can find it here


You can imagine the level of effort it took Travis to make this database. I interviewed several Carnivore men, including Travis, a few years ago. You can watch it here


Brian Sanders started a #yes2meat blog. Their mission is to promote the benefits of a meat-based diet as a counter to the anti-meat rhetoric. You can learn more here


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