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Microblog: Richest Foods in Potassium – Top 24!

Microblog: Richest Foods in Potassium – Top 24!

RICHEST POTASSIUM SOURCES (as unbiased as possible!)

🌱We think of minerals being richest in plants. Yes, technically gram for gram, some plants have more minerals.

⚠️But context matters.

🔎And I LOVE how Nutriment now makes this level of nuanced context easily accessible. (Just search on the Nutrient Ranking section!)

✌🏼Some people have abandoned a carnivore or ketogenic diet because of mineral imbalances.

❓Sure 100 g comparisons, raisins, dates and figs have more potassium, but what about all the carbohydrates (without much fiber) and all the antinutrients?

❓Why do we think fruit is safer than veggies?

⁉️If you compare the fruit vs. vegetables, there is NOT a stark difference in antinutrient (plant toxins). So who came up with nature’s candy wants to be eaten?

🦄Let’s stop believing internet gurus and their magical safe plant lists.

⛑Rely on evidence-based research to really consider what plant-based foods are safe for you and considering ALL things.

💡And considering all things, heart of palm is the safest plant-based food to eat for potassium.

❓But let’s be honest, how many of us eat heart of palm or beet greens daily?

🐓But if you eat about 26 ounces of ONLY ground chicken, you hit your daily potassium level.

🥴You can see how silly the PUFA context in animals becomes in the overarching understanding of nutrition.

🚨Let’s leave n=1, emotions, and sugar addictions out of evidence-based nutrition.

🎤If I had a mic, I’d drop it here.

🎉On a serious note, if you want this level of nutritional context to support your personalized needs, check out Nutriment, it’s $8 for the first month! (with code: EARLY).

(I will make wellness accessible for all!)

🍗And no matter how much you try to manipulate the data in Nutriment, considering all things, NOTHING beats animal-based foods.

Okay, mic drop here. 😅




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