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Microblog: Nutrient-Dense Breakfast Swaps

Breakfast Swaps Comparison

Microblog: Nutrient-Dense Breakfast Swaps

Breakfast Swaps Comparison

We all try to eat relatively healthy.

💡No one wakes up and thinks, I’m going to eat bad and make myself sick.

⚠️We are being taught the wrong things.

⚠️Standard care does NOT share what brings us health. Whether it’s intentional malice or having tunnel vision, they have missed the mark.

💪🏼It’s time we play the driver role in our own health.

⛑And I will do my best to provide that support—so that you are EMPOWERED to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

I am for the people and will always be.

🌎Almost everyone in the world thinks the food on the left is healthy.

It’s wrong.

🎢The granola “energy” bowl has less protein and way too much sugar. That level of carbs will start the glucose-insulin cycle and make you depleted by afternoon— time for the sugar/adrenaline pick-me-up.

🍭Too much sugar causes all beginnings of metabolic syndrome.

🧠If you are afraid of fat, animal fats are required for optimal human health. Look up the cholesterol composition of the brain. Look at the heart’s fat composition while you’re at it.

🍋If you’re worried about vitamin C, squeeze some lemon or lime in your water.

🛡In terms of minerals, remember, most plant-based foods have antinutrients that BIND to minerals (it makes them inaccessible for the body to absorb). Some of these examples: gluten, lectins, phytates, oxalates… I can go on.

🥩You don’t have to do meat-only. But start the day right.

Your body may just thank you in the afternoon, and who knows, you may just keep going.


And yes, the bacon and egg plate is happy.

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