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Microblog: Fungus and Mold

None of these foods are ideal to eat on any human diet. Let’s talk specifically about peanuts as many people ask me about the coveted peanut butter. I rarely give my kids peanut butter because it’s less than ideal for the human body.

📖Excerpt from @CarnivoreCure: “Peanuts are low on the FODMAP list, meaning they are permitted, but peanuts are not ideal for human consumption. Peanuts contain lectins, which can contribute to autoimmune and digestive problems, as well as leaky gut syndrome.

🥜Peanuts also contain oxalates and phytic acid, another antinutrient that also binds to nutrients.

❓If these nutrient-dense plant-based foods bind to nutrients so that the body cannot absorb them, what benefit do you realize by consuming nutrient-rich, but absorption-poor foods?

🦠Peanuts contain aspergillus mold, called aflatoxins, and toxic chemical components because of the way they are harvested.

⚠️Aflatoxins are considered a human carcinogen as they’ve been found to cause cancer in humans and animals. When crops are raised in warm temperatures with high moisture and high humidity, mold growth and toxins are inevitable.

🧫The FDA knows that mold is inevitable that a little is permitted in our foods. So yes, peanuts will always have mold.

⚠️When you eat peanuts, they can pass the intestinal wall and absorb into the bloodstream exacerbating autoimmune flares, as well as yeast overgrowth.

🤒When you consume these less than ideal foods daily, adverse physical and mental symptoms are bound to occur.

⚖️You can soak nuts and clean them with food-grade hydrogen peroxide to remove some of these antinutrients, but personally, for me, that’s just a little too much effort.”

💡We should limit grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds as they are high in antinutrients, susceptible to mold, and can cause gut permeability (leaky gut).

And without gut health and nutrients for raw materials in the body, we risk poor health.

*NOTE: Mold illness is often caused by biotoxins (water-damaged buildings), NOT from food. Food can exacerbate symptoms.

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