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#Carnivore75Hard Week 2 Update: Halloween, Commitment Bracelets, 11/16 All City Meat Ups, Apparel

#Carnivore75Hard Week 2 Update: Halloween, Commitment Bracelets, 11/16 All City Meat Ups, Apparel

Wow that’s a mouthful to think that all those things happened in one week!



It’s nearing Halloween. Are you prepared?

In my #Carnivore75Hard introduction video, I talk about a study where patients who were discharged from the hospital recuperated faster when they planned their days down to the small details. They did this by incorporating visualization techniques, meaning they imagined their action plan. They visualized their healing to reality.  Have you visualized and wrote down how you plan to handle Halloween? Have you planned what you’re going to do at celebrations and with the Halloween candy? What is your detailed execution plan?

What are your If this, then that statements?

If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend taking the time to prepare yourself for the first official holiday battle. The video talks through the if this, then that statements. 

— ♥️ — 

I’d like to introduce the #Carnivore75Hard community wristband, bracelet string reminder.

Grab your sewing kit, or go to your local arts and craft store and buy some string that will last you until January 1, 2020. Let’s all wear it.

It shows unity but more importantly, when you’re considering straying from #Carnivore75Hard, especially the Nutrition component, you can look down at your wrist. This wrist-reminder tells you that

1) you have committed to better health and freedom and

2) you have the entire community with you.


We can ALL wear our own homemade string reminders for Halloween. That way, we are motivated to keep doing hard during Halloween. Share your wrist string bracelets (what do I call this?! help, anyone?) using the hashtag and I will send one of you a special something this week. (get creative, get motivational, get stringing!)  





  — ♥️ —

Official #Carnivore75Hard Apparel

I’ve had several vendors reach out to make #Carnivore75Hard apparel and I decided to keep it in-house to
1) keep rates lower while ensuring premium quality
2) to make sure the hope and purpose of #Carnivore75Hard never gets lost. But most importantly,
3) for every purchase, I will donate $1 to charity. Not a percentage of revenue but from every shirt sale. We will collect the total and during the first week of January, I will announce the amount given to charity. If you have any charity recommendations, please let me know. I have a few but want to open it up to the community

So. We not only send out good vibes to the community with our Community component but NOW we are literally giving back. #Carnivore75Hard is a movement. We are doing so much good. Let’s keep this going. I’m honestly inspired and moved by the community. If you are interested in getting shirts and sweatshirts, you can get some here.


 — ♥️ — COMMUNITY SHARE — ♥️ — 

[DAY 9] F.M.A:I think (Hope) I refilled my last script for steroids. I have JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) which is ridiculous since I’m 50 years old. It presents in my shoulders and knees mostly, but it will yell at me in any joint given the opportunity. I have been kind of nonchalant about this challenge, I’ve been Keto for 3 years. I woke up this morning with NO PAIN. I don’t even know what to do with this, it’s crazy. Meat, salt, water, coffee!! [edited]

— ♥️ — 


The winning color is BLUE! Red was a close second. Don’t forget to get some blue string and start wearing! 

Last week, I talked very briefly about the #Carnivore75Hard community challenge in a podcast. If you’d like to take a listen, you can listen here.

Several people also have blogs dedicated to #Carnivore75Hard, many of you directly email me daily, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram… all social platforms are taking part. Thank you and I appreciate every single one of you. I hope that my actions show that daily.

We are also working on a #Carnivore75Hard ALL CITY MEAT UP. On November 16th, lunch or dinner, we will get together to eat some nutrient-dense meats. Everyone is welcome. If you’d like to host your city, please let me know. There are currently about 10 cities. But imagine! ALL of us coming together as a community to eat meat and enjoying one another’s company. 

We don’t have to be worry about being misunderstood or outcasted for eating just meat. I get you. You get me. We come together as a community to share laughs, stories and eat quality meats. I’m sure some of you will strut your blue #Carnivore75Hard commitment bracelets too. AMAZING.

 All #Carnivore75Hard apparel is up on the website now, including women’s shirts. You can get them here.

I’ve recently updated my shop to include more digestive enzyme supports. As some of you transition to carnivore, you may have loose stools or need digestive enzymes to break down fats and proteins. You can check out my Shop Page > Support for these. The product pages have a lot more detail. I recommend these products while you heal your gut and transition to Carnivore.

I’ve also partnered with Amy Myers, MD to bring you additional gut health and gut healing support. Those will be on the website shortly. You can see all products here.



— ♥️ —
As Halloween is just around the corner, I wanted to share a bit of motivation and community. Let’s do hard.

Did you know that many valleys are considered undesirable places to live? Since valleys are surrounded by mountains, much of the smog and bad air quality gets stuck above the area. The weather is much warmer and colder for the same reasons.

But did you also know that valleys hold some of the richest soil and nutrients to produce the most food? And many of the trees growing in the mountain clefts of the valley, are some of the strongest.

You may be struggling with #Carnivore75Hard.

You may be feeling anxiety about doing Hard through Halloween— especially with the Nutrition component.

You may be going through a hard time now.

You may be having mental or physical illness that makes each day difficult to go through.

It’s okay.

Because just like in the valleys, where the trees grow in mountain clefts, you will get through this and come out even stronger.

The truth is that these trees are stronger because of the wind. Without the wind, these trees wouldn’t have their roots as deep. It is with the harsh winds that the trees grow to be so strong.

When I was sick, it was hard to make it through a day, let alone a week. Sleeping was the best because I didn’t have to deal with life. I was angry that I was born with a lack of discipline and a lack of motivation. I hated that I struggled with binge eating and had a poor relationship with foods.

“Why does my addiction have to be the ONE THING I have to test myself with every single day? And multiple times a day?” I was very resentful.

But with Carnivore and lifestyle changes, now I know, that all of this was my wind.

If you are struggling, you may have just found your wind. In difficult times, we grow and we learn about empathy and love. It is in difficult times, that we shape our characters and our lives. We see greater purpose, like helping others and that in this hard life, we’re all in this together. ♥️

This is what #Carnivore75Hard is all about. We are challenging ourselves to do hard so we see our grit, resiliency and in turn, we get our lives back. We really can do anything.

This Halloween is going to be different. No candy. No junk. We will be beacons of hope for ourselves and our loved ones. We are going into Halloween with a strong mindset and embracing our wind to do #Carnivore75Hard.

And if you ever need a reminder, you will always have the blue string with you. We are all in this together.

I can’t wait to see and hear all your Halloween success stories. 


 — ♥️ — COMMUNITY SHARE — ♥️ —

There are several blogs dedicated to #Carnivore75Hard. Here is a couple: 
If you have a blog and want to share, please email carnivore75hard@nutritionwithjudy.com

[DAY 4] E.V.: 

Broke the fast with seared, rare chuck steak + a small amount of bison fat. I ate it cold/room temp for lunch while at work. It was chewy, but still really good! I am also doing my best to get out of myself and have more genuine conversations with my coworkers.

For dinner at home, I had some leftover oxtail meat (I always forget how delicious oxtail is), a chicken drumstick, and a boiled egg, while preparing the next day’s meal.

Sometime after, I took the dog out for a 30-minute jog/walk. During this time I reflected on a few things. My dog is a German Shepherd – these are dutiful, protective, and incredibly loyal dogs, but if the owner doesn’t consistently express leadership and assertiveness, they can begin displaying seemingly inappropriate, aggressive behaviors toward strangers. That’s what my relationship with my dog has been for probably 11 years. So I’ve been working together with her in the last year to help heal her reactivity – she’s been on a healing journey herself, and I believe it’s not too late despite her age. It first involves overcoming my own fear of the past (that is, fear that the dog will lunge or show aggression to strangers or other dogs), and learning to be strong, showing that I can handle any potentially stressful situation so that she doesn’t have to. If I am calm and assertive, so she is calm and secure. And I have to always put us both out of our comfort zone for us to make any progress – I can’t just avoid people or be nervous as they pass by us on the street. I have to say hello as they approach, walk confidently, pay close attention to my dog’s signals, and speak in a quiet voice to my dog with calmness and firmness. Somehow, this has been working brilliantly. I grew up with this dog, so she knows that I don’t have a strong personality; defenseless – in need of protection. But I just have to step up and become the leader she needs me to be, and I know she’s grateful for it. Each and every moment of that small display of leadership counts. I’ve learned that dogs live in the moment, not the past, so no matter how long their history is, they can still experience positive change.

I tell this story because this continually demonstrates to me the importance of challenging oneself and stepping out that comfort zone. The goal might seem impossible, but we can certainly reach it by means of small, day by day wins. I’ve heard somewhere that the most important day of your life is today. Make it count! 🙂

Therefore, I’m grateful today for being challenged. One of my whys is to truly develop mental fortitude and inner strength.
I’m grateful that I have the ability to choose to take on the right mindset each day.
I’m grateful more than ever the lessons our animal companions can teach us about what it means to live.


 — ♥️ —


 Let this be with you today. 

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible” – Christopher Reeve


— ♥️ — COMMUNITY SHARE — ♥️ —


[DAY 13] T.P.: 
Hi Judy,
Thank you for this email and especially your analogy about the strong wind. I’m very much a visual learner and always speak in analogies and yours resonated with me. I have lived with disordered eating caused by food addiction since I was 15. I’ll be 54 in Jan, so that is nearly 3/4 of my life. If I’m honest it probably started sooner. Years of struggle, living in pain in silence and isolation.

Thousands of dollars paid to therapists who could not help because not one addressed the situation as addiction. Depression, anxiety, self-loathing….all of it….yet appearing to be successful on the outside as well as raising to awesome, healthy, well adjusted and thank goodness not addicted children….they are now adults. Lost friends, weakened relationships and many lost opportunities. It is only this year that I learned of food addiction but was still living in the mindset that that moderation was key. Then listening to Paul Saladino and Georgia Edes about carnivore and mental health led me to taking the carnivore diet more seriously….but I would still fall off the wagon over and over again, landing myself in week-long binges.

Today makes 18 days since I have binged. This is a record for me. I can often go 1-2 weeks but then I cave. For many years I would binge 1-2 times per week…..this is what I now call my high functioning binge era as life was manageable and successful on the outside. For the past three years, I’ve been bingeing anywhere up to 5 days per week and no one believes me when I say how much food gets eaten in a binge. 

Watching your youtube and learning of this community has been life-altering for me. That and working on brain training exercises. I now know this addiction is not my fault…I now know that I am not alone and don’t need or have to live in isolation…I now know that I don’t have to sleep away the pain…I now know that there is hope….and I now know how very deep and how very strong my roots are because of decades of strong wind. I now know why I am resilient….I now know that to live the life I want that I am an abstainer. I am so very grateful to you and everything you are doing. When 2020 arrives I will have successfully celebrated the holiday season free from bingeing and junk food for the first time in over 30 years. For the first time in that long, I will have actually been present in the moment instead of being overwhelmed by my limbic brain and knee-deep in the food. I will have been able to make that time all about my family and our activities instead of it being about food. I will have and will continue to live and be able to be the real me.

I would have been doing this WOE anyway but I want you to know that it’s this challenge that is giving me the push to stick to it. It’s the community, the support, the fun and most of all, the education you are providing. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


In love and health, 

Nutrition with Judy

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