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Beef Only + Liver and Animal Variety Comparison


I am an advocate for nutrient-density. Most of you know that meat is the most nutrient-dense, bio-available food. But as many more people adopt this way of eating, we’re seeing some issues arise. As...

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🥩 Carnivore Cure 12.02.20

  It's Official!     Carnivore Cure has launched. Okay yes, not officially, but we have sent Carnivore Cure + part of the Bonus swag pack to most of the paperback pre-sale purchasers!   THANK YOU! We worked hard to...

#Carnivore75Hard program


Welcome to the #Carnivore75Hard FREE Program   Because of overwhelming demand for #Carnivore75Hard, we have opened a FREE #Carnivore75Hard program.   I highly recommend reviewing the program. it just may change your life. Best of all it's free....