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Microblog: Abstainer vs. Moderator – Which One Are You?

Microblog: Abstainer vs. Moderator – Which One Are You?

As we talk about sugar being addictive, it’s really important to figure out who you are and how you function.⠀

❓So which one are you?⠀

🌗You can be an abstainer in some areas and a moderator in others but usually, people fall into one category, especially with temptations.⠀

🍫If you know that one piece of chocolate always turns into two and then a few more trips to the kitchen, I’m guessing you are an abstainer.⠀

⚖️Standard care nutrition believes that everything should be in moderation but when you are more susceptible to having an addiction to sugar, moderation is torture. The only way may be abstinence.⠀

🤨It’s interesting because standard care would NEVER recommend moderation in drinking, drugs and other habits that turn into addictions. Abstinence is always key.⠀

🍞And when we know these foods (carbs and sugar) provide nutrient-poor levels of nutrition and may even cause harm with metabolic disease and anti-nutrients, it’s just THAT much easier to understand that abstinence is really key.⠀

🎰If you are a moderator, then the picture is a bit different. But I’m betting that most carnivores are abstainers. That is our luck of the draw and so we must work with what we have accordingly.⠀

💭For Halloween, I’d recommend working on the “IF this, THEN that” statements and working on Plan Bs. Visualizations are the best tool you can use to create pathways in your brain and then use them in your more emotionally-high states. If you plan 3 different courses of action when you’re confronted with sugar, it becomes that much easier to navigate the murky.⠀

💡Sometimes it really is that simple.⠀

🥩Make sure to nourish your body with nutrient dense meats because that is the only way we can fight our cravings and say NO. When the body is nourished, it’s less about the body but more about the mind. You don’t want both body and mind fighting you. It’s just a lose, lose situation.⠀

💪🏼Today we say no to sugar. Tomorrow we say no to sugar. We want optimal health and sugar is NEVER going to be the answer. We WILL do hard because we are #carnivore75hard

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