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Author: Nutrition with Judy

60-70% of the body is water

The Importance of Water

An average adult body holds about 12 to 15 gallons of water.   So where’s the water?   Most of the volume of cells and bodily fluid is water.   Generally speaking, most of our water is allocated as such: Plasma...

Beef Only + Liver and Animal Variety Comparison


I am an advocate for nutrient-density. Most of you know that meat is the most nutrient-dense, bio-available food. But as many more people adopt this way of eating, we’re seeing some issues arise. As...

Should You Limit Salt?

Should You Limit Salt?

There are different views on the need for added salt. Some low-salt advocates believe that there is sufficient sodium in our meats and no additional salt is needed.   Some anecdotal stories hold this to be...

carnivore cure launch

🥩 Carnivore Cure 12.02.20

  It's Official!     Carnivore Cure has launched. Okay yes, not officially, but we have sent Carnivore Cure + part of the Bonus swag pack to most of the paperback pre-sale purchasers!   THANK YOU! We worked hard to...

50M Americans suffer from mental illness

Mental Health and Diet

Do you struggle with low mood?   Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness? Depression is the number 1 reason for ill health and disability claims in America. In fact, mental...