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Microblog: You Know You’re Carnivore-Adapted When…

You Know You Are Carnivore-Adapted

Microblog: You Know You’re Carnivore-Adapted When…

You Know You Are Carnivore-Adapted

🤷🏻‍♀️I don’t know if everyone experiences these things but many of these ARE experienced once you are fully fat-adapted and carnivorous.⠀

💦Sometimes when I extended fast and drink water, the water tastes oddly sweet and brushing teeth becomes a joy to do.⠀

😂I’m kidding. But sometimes Carnivores don’t brush their teeth as often because most cavities are from sugars. This, I’m not kidding.⠀

🦷Dentists are a relatively new concept. Ask Weston A Price.⠀

🙅🏻‍♀️I rarely feel hungry on Carnivore, unless I ate processed meats, dairy or rubs with a bit of sugar. Then the next day I notice that my stomach grumbles.⠀

🥩But normally, when I finally sit down to eat because I should, I feel like I can eat pounds of steak.⠀

💨Gas. I know if I have even one toot, I know I had a hidden carb somewhere. No it’s not because we are so backed up with the lack of fiber.⠀

🛒Maybe because I manage the groceries, I look forward to seeing what meats are on sale. Sometimes, Wednesdays become my favorite day of the week (who knows what I’m talking about?!)⠀

⚖️Moods, energy… As much as people question hormones in meats and other hormonal disruptions, I never have felt more even in moods and consistent energy than on Carnivore.⠀

🤫Okay okay, I know it’s bad but once in awhile I see people buying salads because they’re trying to make a healthy choice. I REALLY want to go up to them and be like, “hey John, it’s R E A L L Y okay to order the beef and cheese.”⠀

👩🏼‍⚖️But I don’t want to be a Judge Judy. We already have one.⠀

💤 Sleep. I used to have to drag myself out of bed. But now I just sleep hard and wake up requiring much less sleep. Maybe not ideal for adrenals but one day I’ll track and see. (I can’t get myself to buy an oura ring because of the EMFs).⠀

🍽I hate going to restaurants more and more. The fast food places essentially have AYCE patties so they’re better options but at steak restaurants, I always feel like I need to eat more.⠀

😭The other day I ordered a ribeye for almost $30/lb. I rarely buy ribeye for $10 lb at the grocery store! I cried a little inside.

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