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Microblog: What Motivates You? – The Four Tendencies of Character

❓As we know, it’s critical to understand how we function (abstainers vs moderators) so we can navigate situations in the way that works best for us. But WHAT motivates us? What motivates others?

👊🏼We all know that tough love doesn’t work for everyone. So what gives?

💥Enter the Four Tendencies.

🙋🏻‍♀️Obligers and Questioners are the most commonly found personality types. Obligers have a hard time being motivated intrinsically but are VERY motivated by outer expectations. Many of us that have negative relationships with food are obligers.


🙇🏻‍♀️Because TOO OFTEN we say yes to others. We WANT to say no but we have a hard time saying no to outer expectations. So we begrudgingly DO even if we don’t want to. We are the perfect family members. We get things done. We are reliable. We always help. But at the cost of ourselves.

🥵This is why food becomes controlling. We use it to escape, to cope when we are mad because we didn’t say no.

😓And when our weight becomes too much, we try to lose weight but fail. Yes, poor nutrition has a role but so does personality. We just can’t keep promises that are ONLY to ourselves.

⁉️So how do we motivate? We motivate by bets. (#Carnivore75Hard). By putting an OUTER expectation for an INNER desire, we CAN do.

🧐Questioners are the 2nd most common personality type and they question everything. They won’t act until THEY believe the reasoning is sound. If you want a questioner to change, data and sound logic must be used.

🙅🏻‍♀️Rebels and Upholders are less common. Rebels resist all expectations. If we place a “you have to” then the likelihood of a Rebel DOING is not often. Rebels are difficult to sway but by thoughtfully playing “I bet you can’t do this” tactics, they have a higher chance of change.

👩🏻‍⚖️Upholders are all about principles. They are the most reliable, “got it together” types. They are very successful but they rarely have room for grey areas.

💡Knowing your tendency and the tendency of the person you want to change, makes all the difference.

⚖️Which one are you?


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