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Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Mental Health

Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Mental Health

There are many reasons to try a carnivore diet.

⛑Many of us try it for weight loss. Some of us try it because keto didn’t work. Others because of perpetuating health issues that never went away with anything else.

I tried it for mental health.

🧠I talk about mental health in @CarnivoreCure because that was the most significant benefit I felt from eating meat-based. My depressive moods and overly emotional moods stopped pretty quickly.

🚨What I do find interesting is that Ray Peaters believe we should cut down on tryptophan and serotonin. I don’t know the full details (because he has A LOT of into) but it might be something to do with cellular aging of the body.

⚠️Regardless of what it is, we need tryptophan for health. We need it for mental health. In fact, I was probably eating no foods that had tryptophan for my 12 years being plant-based and I was mentally breaking down.

📘In @CarnivoreCure I talk about how we need tryptophan to support our bodies from toxins such as glyphosate and GMO toxins. Without it, we risk losing nearly all our bacteria. (More info in the book).

🐟Another thing Peaters say is that we should stop PUFAs because it makes us extra fat by increasing fat molecules and storage. This includes fish with their high amounts of PUFA. Funny, because when I was plant-based with occasional fish (and no other meats), I was very thin. Very thin.

🥩I now almost exclusively eat beef and have gained weight on carnivore (probably needed to).

❗️I think it’s less about the PUFAs (there might be some truth but so minimal) but about the many bioindividual factors (age, energy input/ouput, stress, sleep, mold and toxicity exposure, etc).

Buyer beware.

🐓Chicken and pork are high in tryptophan. All meat has some. Eat these meats for your well-being.

💡Your mental health depends on it.



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