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Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Inflammation

Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Inflammation

I was told that a plant-based cardiologist used my carnivore food pyramid to bash on a meat-based diet. I welcome resharing but she could’ve at least used my latest version.

Let’s talk heart disease since she recommends a plant-based diet for heart health.

⛑The CDC estimates that 1 in 4 Americans die of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death since 1921 and stroke in 1938. According to U.S. National Vital Statistics records beginning in 1900, CHD was rarely given as the cause of death until after 1930. (1st EKG machine didn’t exist until early 1900s).

❓And when doctors put patients on statins, did you know that more than half the people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol ranges?

📖There are many studies on how LDL alone is not the concern for heart disease. Context matters. With high HDL and trigs <100, your risk of CVD may be less. It’s not just cholesterol. What type and size?

👩🏻‍⚕️So, when a cardiologist tells me that red meat increases cholesterol (yes, in context) and increases heart disease, I realize how broken standard care is.

🔎Instead of just looking at cholesterol, check inflammation in the body. Get your hsCRP checked. It’s a protein that increases in the blood with inflammation and infection (so don’t check when you’re sick). Chronic low levels of inflammation can play a role in atherosclerosis.

🦷You can get your Coronary Calcium Score as it shows calcium deposits in the heart vessels. I don’t recommend this as it still exposes you to radiation so only check if there’s a real concern.

📘I can go on. @CarnivoreCure goes in-depth about cholesterol.

💡Let’s get practical. Our brain is made up of 60% cholesterol. And we have levers in the body where if we eat too much dietary cholesterol, the body pulls back the cholesterol it produces.

⚠️Are we to say that our bodies are so stupid to make our brain 60% cholesterol when cholesterol is bad? And so, we need man-made cholesterol-lowering statin meds?

🔥”Pseudoscience” > standard care


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