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Microblog: The #Carnivore75Hard Program

❓Where are you today?

🔮We often imagine and dream that in X amount of years, our lives will be so much better but we tend to dismiss the power of small, daily (compounding) habit changes. We think that five years from now, we’ll have XYZ but just in 6 months or a year, life won’t be much different.

💡But it can.

🎙I’ll let @brightblur take it from here:

“Here are some improvements I’ve noticed over the last year:
1️⃣I started out at 323 lbs and am currently at 238 lbs

2️⃣I was in the pre-hypertension/hypertension range with my blood pressure, now it is low enough that my cardiologist say we can look into taking me off them at my next appt.

3️⃣I am much more active, I do physical activity everyday, I’ve done mostly walking, but recently have added in running – so I walk a bit, then run some – my joints don’t hurt, everything is great.

4️⃣I also have more energy and fitness to keep up with my 3-year-old son.

5️⃣I almost never have sinus headaches anymore, I used to have them weekly and needed to take Sudafed and some kind of NSAID for them.

6️⃣I have much more stable moods, handle stress better, and don’t have anxiety issues.

7️⃣Energy levels are very consistent, I don’t have afternoon crashes anymore.

8️⃣If I tweak or pull a muscle, the soreness is gone in about 24 hours or less, instead of days.

9️⃣I have little to no interest in having anything outside of my eating plan – so temptations are minimal and easy to ignore.

🔟I also don’t need the taste of sweet to enjoy things like coffee or herb tea since I’ve been off sweeteners for so long.”


🔥In 365 days, Robb has changed his life and has sustainably lost nearly 100 pounds.

🌟It’s your turn. There are 75 days left in the year.

❓Where do you plan to be in 365 days?


The #Carnivore75Hard program: https://judy-s-school-4268.thinkific.com/






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