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Microblog: Ways to Support Detox – Lung

Microblog: Ways to Support Detox – Lung

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. If the detox pathways are blocked, toxins can accumulate and the body becomes overburdened.

🗑When dealing with toxic exposure and an overall high toxic load, the first step is removing toxins and then minimizing other toxins.

🥩Starting the @CarnivoreCure elimination diet, where you focus on meat alone—while you heal (and forever, if you choose), will help to reduce some of the toxin load.

🥀That’s why some people initially feel better on a meat-only diet but then some of their symptoms come back.

💡They haven’t found the root-cause issue.

💡Meat-only isn’t the problem. It actually ALLOWS you to get closer to finding the root-cause.

🔎Now you can rule out food, as toxins, as you focus on other culprits.

👐And focus on opening up your detox pathways to safely eliminate toxins.

👩🏻‍🏫When my clients ask me how best to detox, the answer really is, “it depends.”

“What part do YOU need to focus on for detox?”

🫁And with C-19, let’s start with supporting detox of and through the lungs.

🔥PS. One way to best detox is by reducing inflammation.


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