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Microblog: Healing with Meat-Only Is Possible

Microblog: Healing with Meat-Only Is Possible

Every time I see my mom, I’m grateful for her healing and how she’ll get to see my boys become men. (Unless God has other plans).

🌈 Her friends say she is aging in reverse.

📺 I interviewed her on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8RknaXYFMM&t

📸 I’m not big on selfies (if you haven’t noticed 🥴) but here’s one with my mom.

No makeup.
No filters.

🦄 And she’s 70 years old. (she does dye her hair).

🥩 I shared and only shared because healing with meat-only is possible.

🛡She didn’t ruin her thyroid and she didn’t ruin her hormones.

❗️In fact, she takes NO hormone and thyroid supports.

None (she does supplement iodine.)

💤 And she sleeps through the night (on occasion, waking up 1x).

🥑 She now adds avocados and other keto treats seldomly but not when she first started 3 years ago.

In 6 months on meat-only, my mom:
🌟Reversed her T2 diabetes (180s with metformin to 90s on average in the AM and no meds)
🌟No longer needs her asthmatic inhaler at night
🌟Healed her edema (pain and swelling)
🌟Healed her dermatitis

⛑And all because of meat. And meat without organs. She never eats liver, kidney or brain. (She’s eaten intestines and tripe).

🥩Meat Heals. Don’t let anyone scare you from a meat-only diet. And the one that works for you. ♥️



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  • gina
    March 11, 2022 at 3:26 pm

    I am confused about taking thyroid meds. Do they hurt the thyroid? I have just started the carnivore diet and so week and tired. I have Hashimoto’s and am wondering if this WOE is hurting my thyroid I have tried several times to take meds but they always make me worse Do you think it is safe for someone with thyroid disease to eat Carnivore?

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