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Microblog: Detox – Colon and Digestive System

Microblog: Detox – Colon and Digestive System

We need good gut health for optimal health. Two reasons:
1. Most of our immune system is in the gut
2. We breakdown and absorb all of our nutrients through the digestive process.

✖️Without good gut health, you lack raw materials and building blocks to support the body and its functions.

🌾 Identify food sensitivities + avoid inflammatory foods (gluten, grains, vegetable oils, sugar, soy, corn, all packaged, processed foods)

🛡Heal and seal your gut, with food + gut healing supports.

💊Consider digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, bile support, ACV, butyric acid, probiotics, and soil-based spore probiotics, (only if needed binders, food-grade diatomaceous earth, charcoal and bentonite clay)

🍽 Intermittent fasting

🙏🏼Take the time to sit down during mealtimes, practice mindfulness be present (and aware) when eating.

🧘🏼‍♀️Don’t eat while upset or stressed.

🏃🏻‍♀️Don’t eat while on the go (as much as possible).

🐢Make sure to eat slow. Chew well.

💧Limit waters around meal times as it dilutes stomach acid.

✖️Acid-blocking drugs
✖️Abusing colonics/enemas
✖️GMO foods
✖️Candida overgrowth

🥩Eating a meat-based diet will help support the gut by giving an imbalanced gut the most bioavailable nutrient-dense foods.

💡Trust your gut feelings.

📖If you need gut supports and not sure which one, read this article: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/gut-supports-that-you-need-right-now/

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