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Microblog: The Power of Hope for Root-Cause Healing

Microblog: The Power of Hope for Root-Cause Healing

Latins have a word for hope— it means breath, to give oxygen to someone.

🕊The world needs hope. Hope is what keeps us going.

The opposite of hope:

🐄One of the reasons I don’t overly stress about the highest quality sourcing is because I believe in wellness for all.

🥩The truth is that most of us can eat only conventional meats—every single day and thrive.

❤️‍🔥If we’re afraid of every single thing we’re exposed to and what we eat, we’ll always be triggering our fight-flight response.

🔥For many, this triggers a constant immune response in the body, causing chronic inflammation.

⛑This is why limbic system retraining, DNRS, EFT, and trauma therapy are becoming a must for root-cause healing. These tools allow the mind, body (nervous system) to get back into a calm state—a state needed for healing.


🌟We all know a story of someone that was given a few months to live but they’re alive and well, years later.

👩🏻‍🔬We can learn all the evidence-based science, but sometimes there are miracles that happen.

💔And when my clients are really unwell, I have them lean on hope.

❤️‍🩹Hope is an expectation that something good is going to happen. That we should expect to heal fully.

☠️We get debilitated by fear, so protect your minds because your wellness depends on it.

🍖I didn’t heal from only grass-finished meats and raw dairy. I healed from eating only meat—something I deprived my body of for 12 years.

🥀And in the process, the core of me also healed. When food couldn’t be my obsession, I was forced to look at my broken self.

🙏🏼When I put my hope in God, I became free. Life is not perfect (and it’s not meant to be) but I am free.

🦋A Russian saying says: Hope dies last. As long as you are alive, you have hope.

🪡If at times you can’t see clearly or can’t see at all, if you can just hang on to one thread of hope, then hold on.

🌈That hope can be enough to start the process for change.

💊Wellness and healing are not just about the newest science or the best new drug or food. A lot of times the answer is within.

♥️The darkest hour is before the dawn. Things work together for our good.

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