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Microblog: Finding Consistency and Long-Term Healing

Microblog: Finding Consistency and Long-Term Healing

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

Eating the foods that are optimal for health, and eating the right amounts doesn’t always come easy.

🍰We are surrounded with highly palatable, addictive foods.

🍕We are bombarded with ads and communities that say moderation of these processed foods is a good thing.

🧃Our hospitals, schools, prisons and every other establishment recommends and offers these foods.

We’re also raised to use food for every single emotion.

🥀So yeah, eating real whole foods in real life, can be challenging.

🤺Not only do we get peer pressured (sugar) or fear-mongered (fiber) to eat certain foods, but emotionally, we crave certain foods for nostalgia and also because of past habitudes.

🥖This is why sometimes I think the swap foods are harder than just sticking to real, whole foods.

❤️‍🩹On good days, the swaps help get us by.

💔On bad days, the swaps aren’t good enough and eventually get us to a binge.

💡We have to find what works for us and we need to be proactive with that ownership.

🥴All the people and establishments that recommend moderation won’t be able to help much when you suffer from illness.

🩺Some may recommend medication, but all medications have adverse consequences.

🌟SURROUND YOURSELF with like-minded communities that will help you thrive.

🌟FIGHT for your own health.

🌟TURN OFF wellness social media if it makes you question your diet. If messages make you stumble, you may be better off taking a break.

⛑Because remember, NO ONE cares about your health as much as you.

📺Check out the full YT episode: https://youtu.be/miF0APPc8u8

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