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Microblog: Mercury Toxicity

We’re told not to consume raw fish and higher mercury fish during pregnancies.

💉During pregnancy, we are also told to get:
Flu shot, Whopping Cough–Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis Shot (Tdap), Hepatitis B Vaccine, Hepatitis A Vaccine, and Pneumococcal Vaccine.

🤱🏻While breastfeeding, mothers are to get the normal vaccine schedule but should still limit the foods that were limited while pregnant.

Well. Here is the ingredient list for one TD vaccines in the US (CDC, link below):

💉Each 0.5-mL dose of Td contains the following active ingredients: 2 Lf of tetanus toxoid and 2 Lf of diphtheria toxoid. Each dose also contains ALUMINUM ADJUVANT (not more than 0.53 mg aluminum by assay), < 100 µg (0.02%) of residual FORMALDEHYDE, and a TRACE AMOUNT OF THIMEROSAL (< 0.3 ΜG MERCURY/DOSE) (not as a preservative) from the manufacturing process.

⚠️And this is just one shot.

❓What did they say about pregnancy and heavy metal toxicity?

⚔️CDC argues that ethylmercury (vaccines) is excreted from the body much more quickly than methylmercury (fish) and less likely to accumulate.

🚫But in 1999, the CDC and AAP exercised precaution and asked pharma companies to remove thimerosal (ethylmercury) from vaccines and asked doctors to delay the birth dose hepatitis B vaccine in children.

❌In 2004, the California governor, banned thimerosal-containing influenza vaccines.

📖In one study, they found ethylmercury did excrete faster than methyl mercury but found that in real-life scenarios, exposure to both etHg and meHg may result in enhanced neurotoxic effects in developing mammals.

🐟Pregnant mothers need fatty fish for the growing fetus. Sure, not all fish is off the table but how many stop eating fish to simplify? How many are educated on the importance of fats and the developing baby’s brain?

📚Some studies show the difference in baby’s development with the consumption of fatty fish (and raw milk—also on the unsafe list).

💡I’m not definitively saying that we should eat higher-mercury fish or that we should(n’t) get vaccines. But lets at least stop the hypocrisies.



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