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Microblog: The Healing Powers of Carnivore

Microblog: The Healing Powers of Carnivore

📸: @CarnivoreCure

Today begins a new week.


Consistency vs. Motivation

❗️It does not matter if you had an off-plan weekend. It doesn’t matter. It’s all in the past now.

💪🏼WHAT MATTERS is you keep going. If you are starting meat-based or getting back to meat-based, remember the healing power of the carnivore diet.

🤕Remember your why and why you choose to be meat-based. You know the physical and emotional pain you feel as you eat a [fill in the blank] diet. Hold onto your why during social gatherings and eating out – remember this is your choice for regaining health, don’t let others opinions sway you.

🍟Sure, life sometimes feels restrictive when we only permit certain foods. But is that [fill in the blank] food, worth the captivity you feel in your own body, mind, and soul?

0️⃣ For me, the greatest benefits of eating meat-based are zero physical cravings (and close to zero emotional cravings) and most of all, an overall stable mood and energy. These 2 benefits have tremendously helped me with my tumultuous relationship with food.

💤 Another benefit is deeper sleep and overall fewer hours of sleep required to feel rejuvenated. Some say that dreams are really vivid.

👂🏻Listen to your body. Eat when hungry, and stop when satisfied. We don’t need calculators to tell us what and how much to eat. I think we need to give our bodies more credit than that.⠀

💡Trust your body’s innate intelligence and trust the process.⠀

⁉️ Try it for 75 days. If you live to 80 years old, 75 days is just 0.0025% of your life.

🔥What if you choose YOU for the next 75 days? I can promise you that after 75 days, YOU will be excited.

‼️.0025 PERCENT.

👥And if you need community support, #Carnivore75Hard has a free class program and a private Facebook group.

🙌🏼No excuses. It’s time to get back to optimal health and live your best life.

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