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Microblog: Nutrition with Judy – My Journey

Microblog: Nutrition with Judy – My Journey

I consider my role in the community as an educator and advocate for a meat-based diet. So I don’t share much about my personal journey.

🎙But ever since I started sharing more of my story with the release of @CarnivoreCure and the Cutting Against the Grain podcast, I realize sharing my own struggles explains why I’m an advocate for this way of eating.

🥩I’m here because a meat-based diet saved my life. Pure and simple.

🐍I’m really not that different from you. I struggled for decades with finding the right diet. I listened to strong advocates (read: salesmen) for a specific diet, new diet pill, exercise, etc.

🔻I struggled with weight gain for many years of my life. Because back then I didn’t realize that I was eating my feelings.

🔻I struggled with crippling depression and a sense of “why me?” I had many days of not wanting to get up.

🔻I struggled with always putting others first and then self-soothing with food.

🌱There are many diets that will help support weight loss. Plant-based is one of them.

High protein and very limited fat or carbs is another.

But I’ve done the plant-based diet.

🥀Sure, I became really thin but I nearly lost my mental health eating that way. Obsession with food and appearance and keeping up with the Joneses became my life.

🪨I hit rock bottom nursing my oldest, not eating or sleeping enough, still using disordered eating behaviors, and then using antibiotics for mastitis. (To be continued in the next post).

We all want to have the perfect body.

❓But at what cost?

My life before I was meat-based was mostly lived in my head.

❗️But hitting rock bottom in a mental hospital on mandatory hold and being forced to stop nursing bc of hard meds, is not a way to live.

👩🏻‍🏫I will always advocate for a meat-based diet. Not because it’s a fad. Not for weight loss. But for root-cause healing.

📖Sure, I’ve done the science and evidence-based homework (@carnivorecure).

⛑But ultimately, my kids have a mom that’s present, my husband has a wife that’s not emotionally volatile and I get to experience life the way God intended.


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