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Microblog: Choose Your Hard – Hard vs. Also Hard

Microblog: Choose Your Hard – Hard vs. Also Hard

No one said striving for optimal health would be easy. No one said healing would be easy.

🥀Some days are harder than others. Some days, we are simply tired and unmotivated. We’ve been eating clean for X amount of days and still no noticeable weight loss.

Might as well eat anything we want, right?

🤕Some days it seems easier to stop focusing on goals and stop making healthier choices.

💊Sometimes it just seems easier to take the blood pressure medication or the blood sugar-lowering medication than to limit carbohydrates.


🦋In #Carnivore75Hard, we say We Do Hard. For 75 days, we commit to doing 75 days of HARD because changing habits isn’t easy.

⚠️But living the life we did before #Carnivore75Hard was hard too.

🥩Eating meat-based can be hard. Socially and mentally, it can be hard.

⚠️But eating carbohydrates and plant-based foods was hard too. Hard enough that we wanted a drastic change.

🚨It’s easy to forget why we decided to change our diet or our daily habits. But if we paused for a second, we know whatever we were doing, wasn’t working.

⚖️It’s hard to work out but it’s harder dealing with a weakened body.

⚖️It’s hard to see a less-than-ideal body figure that you’re working to get healthy. But it’s harder to see and be in a sick body.

⚖️It’s hard to stop turning to sugars and coping foods. But it’s harder to deal with the emotional and physical stress of disordered eating behaviors.

🍭The momentary dopamine rush seem exciting but the end result is never easy.

⛑No one said striving for change and optimal health would be easy. But each day you choose the right (hard) decision, you will be one step closer to better days (med-free, pain-free, better moods).

💡And those better days are worth every bit of hard.♥️

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