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Microblog: Plant-Based Diet – Limited Nutrients

Microblog: Plant-Based Diet – Limited Nutrients

There’s a reason why people that try plant-based come back to meat: a plant-based diet is an INCOMPLETE diet without supplementation. You just won’t feel well over time.

🥕VITAMIN A: 12–24X more bioavailable in meats. Some don’t have the gene to convert plants into usable vitamin A so carrots won’t do you any good.

(Ps. And why the concern of hypervitaminosis)

📖And if you read my Ray Peat blog post, carrots are soaked in either chlorine or gut-killing solutes.

🐂VITAMIN B12: NOT found in plant foods. Long-term supplementation is not the same as real foods.

🐟VITAMIN D3: NOT found in plant-based foods. D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus for bone health.

🦐VITAMIN E: LOW in plant foods. A fat-soluble vitamin.

🐖VITAMIN K2: NOT found in plant foods EXCEPT natto. It’s a popular food in Japan. How many of you have had it? It’s fermented soybeans (probably the safest way to eat soybeans)—another fat-soluble vitamin.

🩸IRON: Heme iron is 3X more bioavailable than non-heme (plant) iron. And antinutrients like oxalates block iron absorption. So if you’re consuming spinach for iron, sorry, but they’re HIGH in oxalates.

🧠EPA/DHA: NOT found in plant foods (in microalgae, but that’s another kingdom)

🦪ZINC: LOW in plant foods. Needed for stomach acid.

🍗TAURINE AND CREATINE: NOT found in plant foods. These are technically not essential because your body makes some, but they are critical amino acids. If a plant-based diet isn’t nourishing the body, how does it have the capacity to make these in-house?

💡Oh, and by the way, Taurine is an antioxidant. Yes, there are antioxidants in meat. @carnivorecure talks all about specifics antioxidants found in meats.

‼️If you don’t eat fish, pork and chicken because of PUFAs, see nutrients you’re getting less of.

⚠️Every single cell’s outer layer is made of fat. Neurotransmitters REQUIRE fat. Without fat and fat-soluble vitamins, plant-based dieters should be wary.

🤫And if there’s even one plant-based person that sees this post, the foods depicted are many of the highest per nutrient. So secretly eat some of these foods and replenish your body.♥️

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