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Microblog: How Do You Make the Most of Your Time?

Microblog: How Do You Make the Most of Your Time?

Every single one of us wants more time…

Time to…
⏱Eat and exercise well.
⏱Spend time with loved ones
⏱Finish the lower priority items on our to-do list

Days, weeks, and months pass in a blink of an eye. We all know time is short.

❓So how do you make the most of your time?

Or let me ask it this way.

❓How do you see yourself? How would you define YOU?

🤳🏼Many of us view ourselves in a certain way. But when we consider what we do with our free time, we often don’t spend time on the things that we’d like to define us.

👩🏻‍🏫I define myself as @nutritionwithjudy where I strive to always learn and improve to serve my community and clients with the best information possible.

I strive to be anti-dogma because I know science and my real-life clients don’t always mirror one another.

🧂But most of all, I define myself as a wife, mother and daughter. I also define myself as (ideally) salt of this world.

And knowing that, I always ask if I live each day doing the things that would define me in this way when I die.

🌟And while everyday isn’t perfect, it’s easier when I remember the big picture. Forget perfection, it doesn’t exist. With anything, it’s usually the journey that matters more.

⛑We will all die one day. What differs is what we do with our time until then.

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