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Microblog: List of Meat-Based Snacks with Pro-Tips

Microblog: List of Meat-Based Snacks with Pro-Tips

Long-term, we don’t really need snacks on a meat-based diet (same goes for any low-carb, keto diet).

🎢If you fuel your body with fat, you don’t constantly feel the glucose-insulin rollercoaster and this manifests as less hanger.

But sometimes we do want to snack. Sometimes because of old rituals.

💸While it can get pricey, it’s absolutely possible to eat meat-based on the road (including high-quality snacks).

💡These meat-based snacks have been very helpful as temporary foods while transitioning to a fat-adapted state. They also helped for on-the-go meals.

⛑You can read the pro-tips based on food sensitivities I’ve found with my research and seen with my meat-based clients. If you don’t have any of these issues, find the snacks that work best for you.

🐂For beef sticks, I stick to grass fed with the least amount of additives and carbs.

🥩For dried meats and jerkies, my favorites are @carnivore.snax and @pcbeefjerky. @carnivore.snax is meat and @redmondrealsalt and @pcbeefjerky uses herbs but no added sugar.

🐖For pork rinds, stick to the baked varieties or the brands that cook their rinds in tallow or avocado oil (if you can tolerate). I don’t recommend too many if you’re trying to lose weight or trying to normalize your stools.

Cured meats are ideal with less additives.

🥚Hard boiled eggs: I like to take them right out of the fridge and then eat them at room temp at lunch. Sometimes I use high quality olive oil or whipped butter as a dip to moisten the egg yolk.

🐟Canned meats: stick to wild caught with the canned varieties.

Other snack options are cheese and pemmican.

💎Ideally, you don’t want to eat snacks too often as it can cause you to lose your appetite for meals and even cause weight gain (as they are less satiating). But always find what works for you.

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