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Microblog: List of the Most Nutrient-Dense Foods

📚This is the updated @CarnivoreCure’s Most Nutrient Dense Food list. The 2nd one is the redacted version. You can find it in Ch. 9 (Table 9.3).

✖️As noted, I did not include liver because of hypervitaminosis A considerations, risk of excess copper, iron, B12, (sometimes B6 and folate too) and chromium.

⚖️Our liver stores all these excess nutrients and at a certain point it can be a stress on the liver. With all things, considered, I no longer consider liver to be part of this list.

🥑We use the same logic for spinach and avocado as they have antinutrients that bind to minerals. And while they may have many nutrients, they are not in the most absorbable form for the body.

🍃Yes, the spinach in iron is less absorbed than the iron in meat. And with these things considered, I did not add them to this list.

🐟You can see the first seven foods are from a variety of carnivore meats. This should be telling.

⛑While I still don’t subscribe to tracking every single nutrient, as we don’t know the exact right amounts for every single body. But these posts are really to support you on your meat-based healing journey. If you’re thriving on a beef-only carnivore diet, then keep going.

🥀But if something isn’t right or you don’t feel optimal, it’s time to do some digging.

💡Your body’s symptoms is the best measure you will ever have.

🥩There is no better diet than one that is bioavailable and nutrient-dense. If this is true, then meat-based is the optimal diet for humans.

🌈Personalize it to work for you. For me, that meant a high-fat, iodine-rich, carnivore variety (with lots of fish).


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