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Microblog: Gut Health – Stop the Alkaline Waters

PLEASE STOP buying alkaline waters that sit at 8.8pH or 9.5pH (water sits at 7pH).

💧The thought is that alkaline water contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potentials (ORP). So with these alkaline waters, they may slow the aging process and prevent chronic disease.👌🏼

🚧The data isn’t there. If you swipe to see the second graphic from @CarnivoreCure, you can see there are various pH levels in the body.

⛑The body has its own mechanisms to tightly regulate these functions. To say that these potion waters can do something special, is a bit reaching.

🩸Sure, if your lungs or kidneys are malfunctioning, you can have a pH imbalance in the blood.

❓But what is the root cause of these organs breaking down?

❓And how is alkaline drinking water going to go through the whole digestive system and magically remain alkalized for the blood?

⚠️We need to stop alkaline waters as it raises the pH in our stomach. When we eat, we start producing digestive enzymes in our saliva and various digestive enzymes cascade down until waste leaves the body.

🚨90% of Americans have insufficient stomach acid and to dilute the little we have is harmful to gut health.

⁉️You want your stomach acid to sit at a pH of 1.5-3.0. And when you drink pH water of 9.0, what do you think it does to our stomach acid trying to break down food?

⚠️If the stomach can’t break down our foods, there goes absorbing most of the nutrients in our small intestine.

💡This is why it’s better to drink very little liquid with our meals. Let the stomach acid do its job of breaking down our foods.

❌Don’t buy into alkaline waters and even reverse-osmosis water.

💣Yes, if minerals aren’t added back in reverse-osmosis water (aka purified water), you may be drinking dead water that can pull minerals IN YOUR OWN BODY to rebalance the unstable H2O. (more in @CarnivoreCure).

‼️Maybe that’s why even Dasani, a purified water from Coca Cola, ADDS minerals back in their bottled water.



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