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Microblog: Limit Drinks before and during Meals Including Water

Microblog: Limit Drinks before and during Meals Including Water

Since we’re talking waters—Many weight-loss coaches promote drinking a big cup of water before meals. The thought is that your stomach will be fuller and so you will eat less.

💡For optimal digestion, we need our stomach acid to be at a pH of 1.5-3.0. Most people are deficient in stomach acid (HCl).⠀


👩🏻‍🏫I’ve talked about digestion which includes having adequate amounts of stomach acid at a pH of 1.5-3.0.

❓So why not drink water before and during a meal?⠀

👩🏻‍🔬In chemistry, what happens when 2 liquids mix?

They find a new equilibrium.⠀

💧So then, drink a lot of water before a meal and what does that do to your stomach acid—which is a liquid?⠀

🌊Yes. It dilutes it.⠀

And this is why higher pH waters, alkaline waters and baking powder is not good to consume daily.

❓What happens if our stomach acid pH level is high? The digestive cascade fails.⠀

🥩Our digested foods + salivatory enzymes break down into bolus. And bolus + gastric juices in the stomach become chyme. The pH of the chyme TRIGGERS the small intestine (where most nutrients are absorbed) to secrete mucous and other digestive-supporting hormones.⠀

❓Wrong pH? 😳Essentially no mucous and hormones to work the cascade. Breaking down of foods and food absorption fails.⠀

‼️That’s why so many carnivores that need gut healing, are STILL deficient in proteins and essential fatty acids.

🛡Stomach acid also kills bacteria in the stomach to prevent infection⠀

🥴Imagine eating processed foods with harmful gut bugs and not enough stomach acid to protect you.⠀

😕Is it any wonder why so many of us have leaky gut, SIBO and then suffer nutritional deficiencies?

⚠️There are many reasons for having low amounts of HCl and high pH levels of HCl—overdrinking water before and during meals is one.⠀

💧Sip water. A touch of salt added is even better. Water is best absorbed with a little bit of salt. When we drink too many liquids at once, it hinders the digestive process and taxing on the kidneys.⠀

🥤Now imagine what diuretics (coffee, juice) do.⠀

💡Drink them away from meals. And drink lightly salted water but only sips with meals (room temp is ideal).

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