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Microblog: Every Single Human THRIVES with Animals

Microblog: Every Single Human THRIVES with Animals

📚After writing @CarnivoreCure, I can say with certainty that there is NO person who does not survive without animals. In fact, if you want to THRIVE, you NEED animals.


❓Don’t believe me?


1️⃣Look below to see the slide with all the uses for cows. From medicine to automobile needs, cow parts are fully utilized for a variety of applications that we need on a daily basis.


2️⃣Did you know that harvesting these mass-produced GMO crops causes more deaths per animal count than eating animals? Yes, you are killing rodents, birds, snakes, bugs, and the entire ecosystem by being plant-based. Read that again. Mono-crop agriculture isn’t natural, leading to stripped soil and disseminated wildlife. The topsoil becomes so absent of ingredients that this impacts the nutritional quality of the mono crops being grown.


🌐And if you don’t believe me, copy/paste that whole paragraph and search with your favorite internet browser. It’s not hard to find if you are willing to look.


3️⃣ I talk in depth about climate change in the book. But I don’t need to anymore. We saw during the peak of COVID, that it was never the cows that caused significant greenhouse gases. I broke down the math in the book for the questioners. But cows were never social distancing.


🌎Save the planet by skipping trains, cars, and planes. Eat more meat and fewer plants that reduce our topsoil. All cattle are mostly raised on grass, which supports the grass, and topsoils. Regenerative agriculture gets even more meaty points. There are so many better and actually effective ways to help with sustainable practices that don’t negatively impact your health.


🌱I don’t blame vegans for being upset. Most are passionate and care but they are misinformed. I was too. I was plant-based for over a decade until I nearly lost my health. Truth cannot be denied.


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