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Microblog: Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition

Microblog: Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition


🎉I took my board exams and am now officially, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition!

❓So, what does this mean?

Just that I have a board certification in holistic nutrition.

✅I contemplated if I needed it but if it helps “validate” me with my sharings of carnivore as the ultimate elimination diet for root-cause healing, I’m all for it.

🚪If it will open up doors to share the message of a meat-only elimination diet to be HEALING, I’m all for it.

⛑Thank you for motivating me to help share my story and now be a support for you.

📖My dream is to publish a paper with all the clients I work with and share CLINICAL CASES on people that have healed a range of illnesses from mental health to autoimmune with a meat-only elimination diet.

👥And when @CarnivoreCure’s group program comes out, I plan to make the paper happen (as variables and illnesses will be better held constant).

💨If you’re wondering, Carnivore HAS studies. Many months ago, I interviewed Dr. Peter Martin who wrote a case report on a Zero Carb Carnivore diet normalizing hydrogen positive SIBO.

📝Here’s the full study in the BMC Gastroenterology: https://assets.researchsquare.com/files/rs-148500/v1/22a367ac-c79e-494e-a906-43c169d94477.pdf?c=1611100697

🥀It’s easy to doubt that meat alone can heal.

⁉️How can the villainized food group (beef + animal fats) be THE FOOD TO EAT for health?!

❗️The stigma is so strong that whenever things aren’t ideal on a carnivore diet, we question the diet.

❓But when do we question a SAD diet when we have poor mental health?

Funny how stigmas work.

🔎In the SIBO study, they showed the carnivore diet was MORE EFFECTIVE at treating SIBO than the standard care of antibiotics or the elemental diet.

🕵🏻‍♂️And the researchers aren’t even 100% carnivore. They eat fruit. (I’m kidding, too early?). But the researchers don’t usually eat just meat.

📖Make sure to read the SIBO + Carnivore study or see our interview on YT or podcast ep. 97.

🥩And I hope one day soon, I get to share my own research paper, so that we can have one more person learn the powers of THE ultimate elimination diet.


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