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Microblog: 7 to 8M 14-24 Year Olds Suffered from Anxiety, Depression or Suicide Ideation

Microblog: 7 to 8M 14-24 Year Olds Suffered from Anxiety, Depression or Suicide Ideation



🤕I used to suffer from severe depression and anxiety. There were days that getting out of bad was excruciatingly difficult. It didn’t matter how many commitments and promises I made the night before.

🌑You don’t understand if you’ve never been in that dark place.

🌱I was also plant-based for 12 years, thinking I was doing the best service for my health.

⚠️Never once, when I got administered to the psych ward for a mental breakdown, did they ask about my diet.

⚠️Never once did the dietitians in the intensive eating disorder facility say that plant-based diets aren’t ideal. And I was in there for 10 hours a day.

⚠️Never once did my drug-prescribing psychiatrist recommend dietary changes.

❌They honored requests for eating plant-based but they wouldn’t allow low-carb. THAT was considered disordered eating.

🦄There’s a lot wrong with the model but I loved that in those facilities, most of the time was focused on healing and getting-to-know-yourself therapies.

💡I recommend therapy for everyone.

👦🏻I want my boys to grow up as confident men and to be good salt in this world. I don’t want them to look towards external validation.

🥀And in therapy, I learned of a slap-in-the-face truth.
“Judy, you can only give what you have.”

💗I needed to love myself to show my boys self-love. That was when my healing journey began.

🧟Right now, there’s A LOT of noise in the world. And while so many are living in fear, we need to stop for the next generation.

🌞Instead of watching one more hour of fear-mongering noise, take a walk outside with your loved ones.

Because they need us.

🆘This P-demic has done harm in areas we don’t even want to look at but we need to. This is our future generation.

🧠I lived in depression. I was on SSRIs and antipsychotics. That is NOT a fun place to be and they don’t work in the long-term.

We must help our next generation. We can start by:
🛡 Being a role model by STOP LIVING IN FEAR and

⚠️If you are living in fear, your kids (all ages) can feel it.
You can only offer what you have.

♥️ And I actively choose love and meat.


Image Source: CDC


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