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Microblog: I Will Always Stand for the People that Cannot Stand for Themselves

Microblog: I Will Always Stand for the People that Cannot Stand for Themselves

A big part of my WHY is my faith. Deep down I don’t think I ever really shared because I was scared.

1️⃣ Scared I wouldn’t measure up to represent what an “ideal Christian” should be and
2️⃣ Scared my faith would turn people away from healing with nutrient-dense meats.

👥But every time I share from a place that I feel convicted, I feel the humility of being human (and all the flaws and emotions that come with it).

✝️And I’m grateful for grace. It gives me the hope that I always ask our community to fight for.

🥩While I eat meat and have healed from major depression and an eating disorder, it was meat AND my faith. Without knowing that my darkest days stood for some greater purpose than me, I don’t know if I’d be here.

⚠️I try to share what I stand for and it’s not easy in a post. I don’t care if you eat carbs. It’s when I hear the fear mongering that WITHOUT carbs and by eating ONLY meat, we are risking our health.


For that, I will take a stand.

🔑 I don’t mean to seem like I’m a rule-keeper, that wasn’t my message. (I’ll work on the messaging).

🐂It was to tell other “ray peat carnivores” to let carnivore just be and stop fear mongering that we NEED sugar. Because we don’t. We can thrive with meat alone.

🛡I will ALWAYS stand for the people that cannot stand for themselves.

⛑We all just want to heal and I pray for that everyday. Find what works for you. And know that a meat-only diet IS safe. You may just need to pull some levers to find your optimal version.

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