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Microblog: Be Patient with Healing and Weight Loss

Microblog: Be Patient with Healing and Weight Loss

Be patient with healing and weight loss. Let the process run its course. Don’t try to outpace losing weight. It’s not a sprint or a competition. Even if you are ahead of the weight loss game, you will eventually feel the adverse effects (undereating can cause hormone imbalances and adrenal issues, etc.) ⠀

💡You didn’t get sick overnight. Don’t expect to heal overnight.

❓If liver cells take 300-500 days to replace, how do you expect to lose X amount of weight in 2 weeks? Especially after eating poorly for decades?

· Blood neutrophils: 1 – 5 days⠀
· Bone osteoblasts: 90 – 100 days⠀
· Bone osteoclasts: 14 days⠀
· Fat storage cells: 8 – 10 years⠀
· Hippocampal neurons: 20 – 30 years⠀
· Intercostal skeletal muscle cells: 15 years⠀
· Intestinal epithelial cells: 5 days⠀
· Liver cells: 300 – 500 days⠀
· Liver hepatocyte cells: 6 months – 1 year⠀
· Pancreas beta cells (rats): 20 – 50 days⠀
· Red blood cells: 120 days⠀
· Skeleton: 10% per year⠀
· Sperm (male gametes): 60 days⠀
· Stomach cells: 2 – 9 days⠀
· Tongue taste buds (rat): 10 days.⠀

⛑I am a firm believer in bioindividuality. You will have to figure out what works best for you.

🚨But don’t fear fat. Many people are eating fat at about 55%-60% in total calories. We need to turn to fat for fuel and less from gluconeogenesis.

💡Eat the meat but eat a lot of the fat.

⚠️Never sacrifice yourself to strive for perfection. You’ll find that there’s no end with perfection. Imperfectly perfect should come from within. Ask yourself where the perfect-desire is stemming from.

♥️Know that you are enough. Be consistent. Have grace and embrace that the journey will never be a straight path. You are enough.

🎢There will be moments of cruising and moments of turbulence and that’s okay. We’re human and able to handle turbulent times because of the resiliency instilled in us.

🥩Eat nutrient-dense foods and in nourishing quantities. Your body is not meant to be overweight. Trust your body. Your body will eventually find homeostasis—it just might take longer than you wanted.

💡Eat nutrient-dense meats and fat. Your body will take care of the rest.♥️

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