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Microblog: 95% of the Serotonin Is in the Gut

Remember, even though serotonin is mostly in the gut, it regulates mood, anxiety and fear.

🍗Serotonin requires B-vitamins, tryptophan and omega-3 fats to be made.

🤒RPers say to measure body temp for thyroid health. They don’t recommend PUFA fish or chicken (omega-3s and tryptophan). Well, serotonin also controls body temperature.

💡Maybe we should be focusing on gut health as root cause and not thyroid health.

📚Studies show that IBS-C patients have an imbalance in serotonin transmission, causing alterations in GI hormones and neurotransmitters. Deficient serotonin seems to be associated with constipation.

📕Mast cell activation (histamines) has been shown to be associated with hypersensitivity experienced in all types of IBS.

⛑Heal. The. Gut.

💊If you take SSRIs (Zoloft), consider healing the gut instead of forcing the brain to keep more circulating serotonin.

💡Heal the gut = more serotonin.

💤Serotonin also manages our sleep-wake cycle and produces melatonin (sleep hormone).

📘Low serotonin contributes to increased anxiety and poor sleep but Increasing serotonin via tryptophan has shown to improve sleep.

💦If you have hot flashes at night, it’s likely the activation of your fight or flight response.

🚨Likely, in your sleep, your blood sugar went too low and cortisol, norepinephrine was released to keep you alive and manage your blood sugar levels (thus the sudden increase in glucose levels).

🎢Night sweats are similar to the fight or flight response we have, right before we give a presentation. Something in the diet, stress and life is causing you to have a blood sugar imbalance and cortisol has to come to save the day.

⚠️If you aren’t sleeping well on carnivore, consider these things. Are you:
❓eating enough?
❓eating too much protein, not enough fat?
❓eating too close to bedtime?
❓eating too much honey, orange juice, and fruit?
❓managing life stressors?

🐻Perceived stress and real stress is the same to the body. This will keep your body in a chronic stressed state and you don’t want that blood sugar rollercoaster constantly “on” in the body.

💡Heal the gut. Manage stress. Remove carbs. Eat more fat. Mg spray. And then get more sleep.

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